Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swatches: Fyrinnae and Glamour Doll Eyes

I ordered these a while ago when I was bored and trawling the internet looking for something to spend money on. I quite like both brands - the colours are vibrant, you get a good amount in a sample, and the samples come in jars rather than bags. The price is reasonable and the shipping not too long (Fyrinnae took longer, but they have a warning on their website about their shipping times, so I can't fault them for that).

Of the two, I think I prefer Glamour Doll Eyes. The Fyrinnae colours are gorgeous, but they're loaded with glitter, and I'm a bit old for that. If you're young and still have a life that involves glamming up and going out, Fyrinnae is fantastic.

All of these were swatched dry over BeneFit Lemon Aid primer. I apologise for the half-arsedness of a lot of them - Noodle Arms kindly volunteered and she hasn't been well this weekend, so I was trying to do it as quickly as possible. Plus it was cold and grey so the light isn't that great.




Glamour Doll Eyes



  1. They seem to be quite heavily pigmented! My favourite would be trend setter I think!

  2. Trend Setter's one of my favourites too. I do love my greens! :-)