Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review: L'oreal Youth Code

This is L'oreal's new anti-ageing range, and I was lucky enough to be sent some to trial by Beauty Heaven. I've been using it for about six weeks now.

Youth Concentrate: This works like a serum, though it doesn't feel like one - it actually has the texture of a moisturiser. I would have liked it to be a bit thinner - I think the thickness of the product caused me to use more than I probably needed to, because it wasn't that easy to get out and spread around, like a super-liquidy serum is. Its purpose is to "nourish the skin.. and reduce the appearance of wrinkles". I don't know about that second claim - I think RoC's Wrinkle Filler does a better job - but it does feel nice, and it absorbs quickly.It makes a nice prep for moisturiser, and has a pleasant, lightly fruity fragrance that fades quickly. It's not at all sticky, as some serums can be - another plus for me!

Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream: This doesn't contain a sunscreen, which is really annoying for me when it comes to day moisturisers, because I HATE having to slap on sunscreen separately. So points off for that from me. However, aside from that, I was really impressed with this product. It has an odd texture - kind of like confectioner's custard - but it's surprisingly light and absorbs very quickly and easily. I think it might be a bit much for oily skin, but combo to dry is probably fine. I noticed it was quite difficult to wash off my hands just using soap, so I think it has quite a high oil factor. Again, the fragrance is a bit fruity and doesn't hang around. It comes in a nice heavy glass jar, which it makes it feel swank and fancy.

Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream: Of the three products, this was the one I wasn't that keen on. I found it not quite as easily absorbed as I would want in an eye cream. I had to pat and smooth a bit more than I would like to around the eye, and I didn't notice it made any difference to my fine lines at all. Once absorbed, however, it did feel nice and smooth, and it made my concealer go on more easily. I should note that I may be in the minority here with my concerns about it - of the dozen or so others who trialled this product, I seem to be the only one who wasn't completely jazzed with it. Pretty much everyone else raved about it.

My overall opinion is that this is a good range of products for a reasonable price, but it's not my HG skincare or anything. I don't know if I would buy them again - the moisturiser is really nice but unremarkable, and there are a lot of really nice but unremarkable moisturisers already out there. I don't think these products are anything ground-breaking. As for the anti-ageing aspect, I think the range would be good for people who want to prevent wrinkles - those in their early 30s or so - but probably not much use for those whose wrinkles have already settled themselves in for the long haul.


  1. May I ask what skin type you are Dee?

    I really want to buy a serum for Winter.
    Have you found any worth buying?

  2. Hi Lisa - I'm a combo. Slightly oily T-zone and my cheeks get a bit dry in the colder months. I don't have much trouble with my skin - not really sensitive, never had many pimples, and not many wrinkles (though more than I'd like!).

    Serums... hmmm. I LOVE Estee Lauder CP+ Perfectionist, but it's super pricy. I also really like Paula's Choice Super Antioxidant Concentrate, and you can actually buy samples of that one:

    I use the one that's suitable for all skin types, haven't tried the others.

    And I did quite like the Youth Code concentrate, though it's not strictly a serum.

  3. Super pricey doesn't bother me - desperate times!!!


  4. Than I definitely recommend the CP+. It's sale time too - Estee Lauder might even have a GWP going.

  5. I'll check it out - thanks!