Saturday, August 28, 2010

A guest post from the famous Noodle Arms

Oh hai! It's me, Noodle Arms.
I am a surprise guest and I hear that my arms are totally amazing for swatches
because they are so long. I suppose that's why I am called Noodle Arms.  :D Well I am going to talk about stuff I like in the beauty area. Sooo, I'll talk about perfume and clothes because they are the main things that I like beauty wise.

I really like fashion. My mother says I can get away with wearing anything because I am tall and skinny like models are, oh yah, be jealous ;) I don't really like winter because you can't wear dresses, shorts and skirts unless you want to freeze. I think strapless dresses are really pretty but of course I cant wear them because that would be a bit creepy, so I'll wear them when I am older; for now I will have to wear dresses suitable to my age. I think a lot of dresses on Modcloth are really pretty but Noodle Arms does not have that kind of money. Since I am in year 7 I am going to need a graduation dress so I am going to make mother buy me this Strawberry Queen Dress because that is probably my favourite dress that Modcloth has. I wear shorts with leggings/tights almost everyday because I love them so much, especially really bright coloured ones~

With perfumes....I like fruity perfumes most. My favourite scent is grapefruit so obviously grapefruity perfumes are my favourite. I like sweet smelling perfume but I hate perfumes that are too sweet and make you sneeze because no one wants to smell that when they  are just walking around the street. I prefer solid perfumes because they are not over powering like a lot of ....not solid....perfumes are. I am getting bored

Noodle Arms away ><


  1. Hello there Noodle Arms! You won't believe how much makeup I have bought looking at the swatches on your arms :D

    I loved reading your post :)
    I like your taste in clothes. How adorable is the Strawberry Queen Dress!
    Hear hear about the perfumes, I LOVE fruity ones too and I couldn't explain sweet perfumes better :)

  2. Hey Noodles! All in all a great post. I also heart that dress from Strawberry Queen.

  3. You'd better start saving for that there dress, Noodles.

  4. Hi Noodle Arms! What a great post! I want that dress for myself, and it's been a LONG time since I was in year seven!

  5. What an adorable post...and equally adorable dress! I'm sure it would look just divine on you x