Sunday, September 26, 2010

My current favourite youtuber

I watch a lot of youtube beauty videos, they combine two of my favourite things - makeup and television. If only someone could incorporate wine and cheese into the mix I'd be set for life. I don't have a whole lot of time for the "gurus" - the big names with skabillions of followers and dubious connections with various makeup companies - I prefer the more low key people who just have something interesting to share.

Lisa Eldridge is a British makeup artist that I know from watching 10 Years Younger. I have to admit, I only discovered that she even made youtube videos when I was Googling around trying to find out how old she was. This intrigues me (I still haven't found out) because she looks quite young, but on 10 Years Younger the contrast is always waaaay up on her face, and she has talked about being a makeup artist in the early 90s in Paris, and several other statements that make me think she has got to be pushing 40. Regardless, she looks damn good, and I LOVE her hair.

Anyway, I started watching her videos and I really enjoy them. She mostly does tutorials, and her looks are really pretty and wearable. She explains what she is doing very thoroughly and shows a lot of close ups of technique. If, like me, you're a fan of youtube beauty videos and you're looking for someone new to watch, check her out.


  1. She is great, have to watch more of her vids.
    I loved the eye look, such a pretty purple! Definitely copying it :)

  2. She does some really beautiful eye looks, and completely do-able for us non-makeup artists!

  3. Thanks for reminding me - I subscribed to her channel ages ago but forget to look at it on youtube....I think I've finally figured out I need smaller brushes for my crease area....haven't figured out her age though yet either! It's perplexing. I keep looking at her and think she must have had stuff injected into her face to be so wrinkle free yet slim faced.

  4. If she's had work done, it's really good work - I can't see any obvious signs. Maybe she just has a really good skin regime, lol.

  5. Yeah - I'd like to believe that too.....but the up close detailed eye shadow work reveals NO LINES - fine or otherwise. The woman is still getting spots but doesn't have any lines and her face doesn't get that animated when she talks - like her brows barely lift with expression etc. If I get work done further down the line - I want it to look that good too ha ha!