Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So which MAC brushes do I REALLY need?

A friend of mine is going to the US in a few weeks, and has kindly agreed to bring back some makeup goodies for me (OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!). One of the things I really want to take advantage of is the cheaper price of MAC, and specifically MAC brushes. I don't own any because I flat out refuse to pay the inflated prices of MAC in this country. However, because I don't own any I have nothing to compare them to, so I don't know what I really need and what I just want because it's shiny and someone said something nice about it on a youtube video or a blog post one time.

The ones I am interested in are:

#212 flat definer
#217 blending
#224 tapered blending brush
#239 eye shader
#266 small angled brush
#187 duo fibre brush

With the exception of the #212, I have the Sigma version of all of these. So tell me peoples, which ones must I absolutely have the MAC version of, and which ones are the Sigmas a perfectly good substitute? Are there any must haves that I don't have listed up there?

Also, I need a blush brush - which would be a good MAC one? I have no cheekbones to speak of, so an angled one is a bit pointless. I just need one that can buff a bit of colour on the apples. 

Any assistance and advice would be much appreciated!


  1. Honestly my Sigma brushes are just as good as my mac with the exception of the #239, the Mac one is quite different - it's one of my fave brushes

  2. Hey Dee,
    I also have the Sigma brushes & will probably order more individual ones soon. I'm expecting the following MAC brushes to arrive in my hot little mitts the next few weeks:
    109 $32, 130 $40, 187 $42, 217 x 2 $22.50ea, 242 $24.50, 239 $24.50

    After watching youtube vids, I decided they were the ones that would make the most difference to my makeup application.

    I've looked at the rest in stores, and thought my current selection of brushes pretty much covered the rest quite well.....although I am now thinking about the big tapered highlight brush as well - Sigma have a copy of it now too...

  3. Stef, I was looking at some comparison pics last night on Temptalia and the #239 is a definite - they seem completely different.

    Melbournite, what's the #109?

  4. Here you are Dee:

    And you tube:

    It's a face brush on the small size that is really multitasking. It sheds a lot apparently, but I still want it as it does have a lot of uses - especially for blush :)

  5. Good idea to ask the peeps chickie... I might do the same with eye shadows. Unless you're going to do one as well and then I can just steal all your good ideas ;p

  6. I 100% recommend the 239 Eye Shader Brush - I have a tonne of e/s brushes and it's the best. I really don't rate the 217 though. The 168 large angled contour brush is great too - I don't have it but have tried it many times and have copies of it, but nothing seems to compare to the real thing.