Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rant about post, just because I need to vent.

I'm in a pissy, pissy mood today. Yesterday morning I found a delivery notice from a courier in my letterbox claiming that they had tried to deliver a package at 8am. At 8am I was sitting in my bedroom, which is right at the front of the house. My gate and door are loud enough that I can hear them at the back of the house (and I have terrible hearing), so there was no way anyone opened that gate and "tried to deliver" a damn thing. They just shoved the notice in the letterbox. So I rang and had a bit of an argument about whether or not they really did knock, and in the end informed them that I would be home all day and could they please redeliver it. At 4pm I still hadn't heard anything so I rang back again and was informed that they had not had a response from the driver. *sigh*

So then I made arrangements for it to be delivered to my work today. There's a reception desk that is manned by a group of admin staff whose job includes accepting packages. I went to tell them a package was being delivered to me and the officious little knob I spoke to informed me that it "wasn't his job" to accept personal packages. I tried to explain that this was my only option during business hours and he got all prissy and uptight about it. He kept banging on about how he "couldn't take responsibility". The issue was a signature - my job involves being on the phone most of the time and quite often for long periods of time, so I can't always drop everything to come and sign a form - they sign for things all the time, so I don't really see what the issue was. In the end I lost my temper and snapped, "I'm not asking you to take responsibility - I'm just asking you to sign for it! It's not a precious metal - it's bloody hair colour!" Then I stomped off muttering all sorts of swear words under my breath while he turned around to his colleagues to have a bitch about my nerve in asking him to take on such a massive task as SIGNING FOR A BLOODY PACKAGE.

Five minutes later I get a call from Noodle Arms - she's been unwell for several days with a bad cold (hence me being home yesterday) - and I had to go home because she's still sick. Back on the phone to the courier company to tell them that a) I was going home, and b) if they try to deliver the package to my work address it's quite probable it won't be accepted. So now I'm home with my sick kid, wondering if this damn package is going to make an appearance today.

UPDATE: So by 3pm today I still hadn't heard anything and I rang back AGAIN - third time now. I was told again that "nothing had been done" and assured that I would receive a call from the courier by 4:30. It's now 5:18...
SECOND UPDATE: I rang AGAIN at 5:45, only to be cheerily told that it was being delivered tomorrow. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I went off a bit - though I did apologise continually while I was ranting. I was also told, "Oh no - the drivers don't generally call you because it's from their private number." WTF??? I supposedly have "a supervisor" calling me tomorrow on my mobile to sort it out. We'll see what happens next.



  1. I get this all the time too, I'm always home, no frikkin attempted delivery at all, a pain in my arse!!! I have to drag myself with kids down to the PO not happy!!!

  2. How terrible Dee, so much drama would have been saved if the delivery guy did his job which is to knock. Damn annoying...
    Hope Noodles feel better soon! x

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  4. Wow....hope your daughter is starting to feel better by now. And I hope you get the damn package tomorrow LOL - how insanely annoying & what a run around you've been given by EVERYONE.
    I think you deserve a glass or 3 of wine tonight after your 'mare of postal woe! x
    Which has just reminded me - where the hell are my boots that I ordered weeks ago??! I hope they weren't being sent via Aust. Post otherwise I'm screwed.

  5. Thanks for the sympathy everyone. It's just so annoying knowing that he didn't even bother to knock on the door, and if he had none of this garbage would be happening.

    Melbournite, Noodles is much better now - she'll be back at school tomorrow. She's still snuffly and has a cough like a seal but she's pretty chirpy and eating like a horse. :-)

  6. ugh courier companies and postal issues in general are such a pain!! I've had no end of issues with Aus post - they suck.