Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: The Morbid The Merrier Halloween 2010

Recently I received four perfumes from The Morbid The Merrier's Limited Edition Halloween collection, and I have to say, I'm seriously considering going back for more. My only complaint about these is that none of them seemed to have a lot of staying power, although I'm beginning to think that's just me, because I'm finding that true of most fragrances lately. I wonder if it is the weather - it would make sense that perfumes wouldn't radiate in cold weather, I guess. So take that with a grain of salt, anyway. Other than that, I loved all of them.

Ichabod: I was sent this as a freebie; it's not one I would have bought myself based purely on the mention of pine in the notes. When I think pine, I think toilet cleaner. It is described on the site as:

Creamy pumpkin, 3 pines, moss and dark, raw vanilla. Starts out really piney and sweet, but mellows nicely into a mossy, woody dark scent.

I get the pine at first, but nothing like I would have expected, more foresty and sweet - pretty much as describe. As it dries a bit, I get a woody vanilla scent with some kind of spice, almost like nutmeg. It's really lovely, and I am glad I had a chance to try it. Very possibly a full bottle purchase for me.

The Saw Is Family: I'm not a fan of slasher movies generally, so I might have passed this one by just because of the inspiration (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), but for a review of it I saw on Livejournal, talking about the steel note described on the website:

A murderously beautiful blend of 5 musks, 3 sandalwoods, a tiny hint of Texas earth, the bite of a steel blade, and a ribbon of cold, hard fear binding them all tightly together.

On me, this is a gorgeous sandalwood musk saved from being too hippyish by a sharp metallic note. I really, really love it.

Katrina Von Tassel: Inspired by the heroine of Sleepy Hollow, this is a pretty standard white floral, very pretty but unremarkable.

A trio of white flowers, smoky almond, and spiced pumpkin. Sweet, but somehow really earthy, especially on the dry-down.

I didn't really get any of the smoky almond or spiced pumpkin, it just smelled like white flowers to me. I like it a lot, but I have many other perfumes quite similar, so it wouldn't be a full bottle purchase for me.

The Horseman: I took a chance on a full bottle of this one, and I'm not really sure why I did, because the description mentions a leather note, and leather on me is usually awful (with the exception so far of BPAL's Dee). However, I am glad that I did, because it is GORGEOUS.

Fiery jack-o-lanterns, black leather boots, temple incense, and the edge of a dark Autumn wood. Opens sweet, almost caramel-foody, but after only a few minutes on the skin, it darkens dramatically, almost changing into a different scent altogether.

Mostly I get smoky leather, sweetened by the incense. The bottle has one of those dropper openings, and I wish it didn't because honestly, I would just SLATHER myself in this stuff. I love it to death. I'm definitely getting another bottle before they come down. I have worn this several times now and every time I do I just sniff myself constantly. It's just wonderful.


  1. Oh, why did I read this now, I want! I just ordered Halloween LEs from Haus Of Gloi, I should learn to resist!

  2. Great reviews!!
    I have some of the Halloween samples too and sadly they don't last on my skin. It's not only you:)
    I love the scents but I don't know if I will buy a full bottle.

  3. Su, I wasn't really that tempted by Haus of Gloi's Halloween scents; they sounded too similar to things I already have. But do let me know what they're like when you get them!

    pinkdot25, I guess it's not just me, then. I don't mind slathering when perfumes don't last long, but the dropper bottle makes that hard! I wasn't sure if it *was* just weather or something because most the other TMTM scents I've tried have pretty good staying power.

  4. Fantastic reviews, I'm really new to the world of perfume and this is really helpful, I definitely want to check out The Horseman :)

  5. Hi Jadegrrrl! If you're new to perfume oils, Etsy is a great place to start - in most shops you can buy samples. :-)

  6. *tiptoes away to Etsy to place an order*

  7. ps. Dee - are you on Twitter??

  8. No, I had a Twitter for about three weeks but it just wasn't my cup of tea so I deleted it. :-)