Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Swatches: Sassy Minerals and Fyrinnae

Makeup BFF J has been on a bit of a shopping frenzy lately, and brought me in some samples today from Sassy Minerals and Fyrrinae. They both do samples in jars (yay!), and though I'm not sure how much Fyrinnae's are ($2US, maybe... their shop is closed at the moment), Sassy gives you a good sized sample for 75 cents! I am resisting the urge to shop there because I have several hundred eyeshadows and it's a bit beyond a joke. But if you're looking for something new to play with for a few measly dollars, they're definitely worth checking out. J said the shipping was super quick too - only 6 days to Australia. Can't do much better than that. :-)






  1. I love the shades Impeccable + Salt & Sand...both remind me of Urban Decay Sin - which I love & wear the primer in that shade most days. I'll have to check out this website & see what shipping costs would be to Australia for a wee order :)
    Thanks for swatching!

  2. From my experience (and I am THE makeup BFF J referred to above) shipping is very reasonable to Australia and I purchased full sizes of the first 3 shadows swatched above from Sassy because they were soooooooo pretty.