Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Perfumes tested last week.

I had a really awful week last week - nothing serious, just a whole pile of dramas that combined made me miserable and in a foul mood for the whole week - so I wasn't in much of a mood for testing perfumes. I stuck mostly to my old favourites, but I did test a couple, so here are my (very) brief thoughts on those.

Scent By The Sea Egyptian Honey: Gorgeous white musk with honey. Doesn't have a lot of staying power, but nothing really does on me lately so maybe it's something to do with my skin chemistry. This is one of those fragrances that will have you sniffing your wrist constantly. Or maybe that's just me...

BPAL Epitaph: Roses with a really powerful sickly note of lily that overshadows everything. It's quite odd because on me, the rose always comes out most in any perfume, but this one doesn't stand a chance against that lily. And normally I really like lily, but this one... hideous.

BPAL Euphrosyne: My notes say "White floral with a vanilla base. Smells like a deeper version of any number of celebrity fragrances". Ouch! It's not that bad, it's actually quite pleasant, but I have a few others very similar - it reminds me a lot of Lady Victoria by Poison Apple Potions.

Scent By The Sea Fiori di Roma: A fruity top note that fades quickly to something green. Disappears within an hour (again, that might just be me), not my cup of tea.


  1. Ooh I've got Egyptian Honey waiting to be tested - sounds lovely!

  2. Egyptian Honey is wonderful, but I share the same experience as yours, it doesn't last on me either.