Wednesday, November 10, 2010

e.l.f. Mineral Lipsticks

 I bought two of the e.l.f Mineral Lipsticks a while back from Nonpareil Boutique, and after oohing and aahing over them for a minute or so, they were chucked in the fridge with all of my other lipsticks and pretty much forgotten about. I happened across them last week while looking for something else, so I thought it was time to bring them out and give them a run through. 
For some reason I've really been into nudes lately, which are not normally my thing. Just like the neutral eyeshadows I've been using almost exclusively for the last month or so, nude lipsticks are a great "lazy" makeup. You can just swipe it on and look like someone owns you. The e.l.f Mineral Lipsticks are pretty cheap - $5.25 from Nonpareil (which is the only place that ships e.l.f. internationally, as far as I know).

The two colours I bought are called Pouty Petal and Nicely Nude, and though they look different in the tubes, they look very similar on the lips, and you probably don't need to own both of them. But hey, there's no such thing as too many lipsticks, right? 

This is Noodles holding them up outside in natural light (the picture at the beginning of this post was taken with a flash in my bedroom, which tends to be quite dark). Check out the nail polish - reminds me of that little mushroom thing in Mario Kart! Nicely Nude is on the left, and Pouty Petal is on the right. It was a really overcast day when I took these pictures, and my house - which is one of those single front terrace houses that doesn't have a lot of windows is dark at the best of times, so I couldn't get any really good swatch pics. This was the best I could do: 

This was taken indoors with a flash. That's Pouty Petal on the left, and Nicely Nude on the right. I think... man, these colours are similar! Noodles also modelled both for me. She's such a  little trooper!

Pouty Petal in natural outside light:

Nicely Nude in natural outside light: 

The lipsticks feel nice and smooth, and apply easily, though as you can see they tend to show up the lines in your mouth, especially Nicely Nude, so if your lips are not perfect, you need a lip balm underneath. They don't last a huge amount of time, but that's never a factor for me - I've yet to find a lipstick that doesn't wear off my lips within an hour or so. 

There isn't really anything outstanding about these lipsticks, but there's nothing terrible about them either. They're certainly not a must have, but they're nice enough to add to one's collection. 

Lol, that was a bit of a nothing review, wasn't it? Has anyone tried these lipsticks? What did you think of them?


  1. I think I like pouty petal the best, nice colours though :) haven't tried any elf makeup yet, had the eye primer but it doesnt work well for me unfortunately.

  2. Ugh, the eye primer is rubbish. I threw mine out. It's a very hit and miss brand - some stuff is fantastic and some is... not.

  3. Thanks for this! I've been eyeing both but they both looked similar & other online swatches have been no help :\

  4. Hi, you're welcome. They were so hard to swatch though, given the overcast weather and the similarity of the colours!

  5. I think the colours look great on! I havent bought any of the mineral lipsticks yet cos the cost £3.50 each in the UK. Yeah, thats how tight I am at the min - wont even spend £3.50 on a lipstick!

    Gonna order the Nicely Nude cos it looks subtle but still dead pretty. Good choice :)

  6. I noticed the ELF is pricier in the UK - that's a bit unfair for you guys.

    We can't even buy it here in Australia. Is it cheaper for you to buy it online from places like Nonpareil or do you get gouged on shipping and customs?

  7. they both look very pretty.

    And omg your nails are SO cute!!!!!

  8. Haha, Jen - those aren't my nails. They belong to my lovely 12 year old daughter Noodle Arms, so called because she has ridiculously long arms that are great for swatching. :-)

  9. Thanks for the novel on my blog Dee, lol. These lipsticks look good, especially Nicely Nude which seems to have a bit of a sparkle to it.

    And yes, you should swatch the rest of your elf products if you get the chance.

    PS: here's the website for Colette.. still no store in SA but it'll make its way there surely.


  10. Thank you for link - unfortunately they seem to be everywhere but Adelaide! No one ever wants to come here. :-(