Monday, November 29, 2010

The last of my MAC dupes and a bit of a ramble.

When I first started up my other blog, it was because I had a lot of feelings* about a lot of my non-beauty interests, and I wanted somewhere to bang on about them. And then I got lazy and fell into a reading slump, and I couldn't cook because of my stupid renovations, and I've only been updating it sporadically. I've decided I'm going to make it more of a general "life" kind of blog. Don't worry, I won't be listing my chores for the day or anything like that. But I want it to be a bit more random so I can write whatever I feel like at the time. And from now on, any non-beauty posts - such as my recent renovation sagas, for example - will be posted there.

Anyway, that said, let's move on to my last MAC dupe. This one was mentioned in a couple of lists and debunked in a couple of others, so I'm not sure whether it's just one person going around random places claiming it's a dupe or not. But let's have a look see at them.

This is NYX Jazzy Bronze and MAC Mythology. Hmmm. Not really seeing it, but let's check the swatches. 

Mythology on the left, Jazzy Bronze on the right. My opinion?

*A virtual Tim Tam for you if you get that reference.


  1. haha love the monkey! I have Jazzy Bronze, but don't have the MAC.

  2. We cant get NYX in the UK so I'd probably pay nearly as much for this as the MAC one considering postage and the rip off charges for online cosmetics :) Prefer Mythology - lots more shimmer and the colour is more me!

    I want that lemur. I'd let him sit on my shoulder and obviously I'd teach him to do that gesture every time I said "talk to the hand" (horrible phrase but under the circumstances it'd be totally awesome!!)

  3. I've been waiting FOREVER for an excuse to use that picture.

  4. Awesome use of that photo.
    Yeah they look nothing a like. But I do like both colors.