Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top 10 Makeup Products

The Belle Lumiere did one of these Top 10 posts the other, and then Beautifully Glossy followed suit, so I thought that since I'm home with a sick kiddie and nothing to do (she's lying on the couch playing video games so I can't even watch my beloved TV), I thought I'd get in on the act.

The Fixers
I have a lot of primers, and I'm big believer in them, but I do find many of them quite heavy, especially in hot weather, and they also break me out if I use them too often. I don't have that problem with Face Of Australia Face Base, which is a beautifully light lotion that smooths your skin in preparation for makeup. It's supposed to be a dupe for Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot, but I've never used that so I can't say if it's true. FOA Face Base is cheap as chips - around $15AUD in Priceline - and you only need a small amount so it lasts for ages. 
As I've mentioned many, many times before, I'm not a fan of lip balm. I consider that they are - like sunscreen - a necessary evil, something to be tolerated because not using one would be detrimental. However, since I discovered The Morbid The Merrier's Harlot Lip Balms, I've been much happier. These are not at all greasy, which makes them perfect to wear under lipstick. The one in the picture is Caramel Apple - it doesn't have much of a taste but it smells divine. I have used about two thirds of it, and for once in my life I think I may actually use a lip balm to the end! I have a couple of others around the place too. I would definitely, definitely buy these again.

The Face
Chanel Mat Lumiere is my Holy Grail foundation. I have it in the colour Cendre, which is slightly yellowish. It is a tad dark on me in Winter - I mix it with a tiny bit of a lighter foundation - but in warmer weather when I have a bit of colour it's fine. It's quite a heavy coverage, and you definitely need a primer and/or a good moisturiser under it as it can be quite drying. That would probably not be such an issue for oily skin, but mine is normal/combo, so I need to make sure I prep first. Although it's matte, it doesn't look powdery or cakey, in fact a lot of people tell me my skin looks nice when I wear it. Pricy (about $75AUD here), but a  little goes a long way.

I am so glad I bought another of the Physician's Formula Concealer Twins in my recent haul, because nothing beats it for toning down my red cheeks. I can take or leave the other end - I use it under my eyes, but it's nothing fantastic. However, it's worth buying just for the green end. I wish they made one that was just green by itself, though.

I don't always wear powder, but it comes in handy in the summer months when your makeup just melts right off unless you set it with something. I love Chanel Poudre Douce in Mimosa because although it's a pressed powder, it's not at all heavy or cakey. I use it with a big fluffy brush to give a light dusting over the T-Zone. And I'm not gonna lie, having a Chanel powder makes me feel all fancy, like.

The Colours
These are the items I use over and over and would definitely buy again if I finished them - in fact, the Australis Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown is about my fourth or fifth one. The two eyeshadows I turn to most often - especially during the week when I don't have time to mess about with blending - are Benefit Creaseless Cream in Flatter Me and Urban Decay Toasted. Both of these are shimmery neutrals, one cream and one powder. Both are highly pigmented, smooth and easy to apply, and have great staying power. And both can be used just as a swipe all over the lid without having to add any other colours. I love them to death.

Milani Luminous Blush is everyone's favourite cheapo NARS Orgasm dupe (I'm not sure that it really is a dupe, though), a peachy pink with subtle gold shimmer that goes with just about everything. I use it at least three times a week.

I have about 879 million lipsticks and lipstick palettes, but MAC Syrup would be my most often used by far. It's a very pretty, wearable pink with slight sheerness and a lovely shimmer.

So there you have it - my top 10 makeup products. The ones I would repurchase and take to a desert island with me. Oddly, there's no mascara in there even though I consider that my #1 makeup product. That's because my all time favourite is Chanel Inimitable and I don't currently own any. I've banned myself from buying any until I use up all the other mascaras I have. See you in a couple of years, Inimitable!

Now tell me, what are your Top 10?


  1. I'm loving reading these top ten posts. The only problem is I want to try everything I'm reading about :)

    You picked some beautiful products!

  2. Great top ten, I sort of want a Chanel powder to whip out and be all fancy like hehe, I might doo a blog post on this tomorrow :D

  3. GQ, I love lists so these kinds of posts really appeal to me. But like you, they make me want to buy everything!

    Jade, look forward to seeing your Top 10. :-D

  4. Oh I love reading top 10 posts :) Milani Luminous is such a beautiful color, you're so right ;)


  5. Some great products Dee! Loving the looks of the Benefit creaseless cream and UD eye shadow. Wow, definitely going to check out Milani blush, I always wanted to NARS Orgasm :)

  6. You know what, I think I'm going to do this too. Looks like fun! Plus I sure have a lot of crap I love :P

  7. Grrr!! Now you've got my mind wandering and trying to decide which are my top 10... I can never narrow it down so I'm actually gonna try to be decisive and come up with a definitive list. It may take a while :)

    I love the same Chanel foundation (though I think the pro version suits my skin a bit better than the mat) Also really like Toasted by Urban Decay - it's definitely one of the best "go to" eyeshadows that I'd happily use all the time

    We can't get Milana or Physician's Formula here in the UK (Boooo!!) but I'd really love to get my hands on that blush, it looks really pretty ♥

  8. We don't have Milani here either, but I buy mine online from either Nonpareil Boutique or Cherry Culture. Of course, the downside is you can't test it first and you have to pay for shipping. :-(

  9. Agreed - enjoy seeing others top products that they love. Interested to read about the primer - will buy some to try out when they next have a sale on (got too many already to use up to really warrant purchase!). I also have the UD toasted - but have never used it... :( Maybe I should start branching out & actually trying out all the hoarded makeup I've got. It's easy to just stick with the regular quick & easy routine for daily office look. I'm so lazy!

  10. You should definitely dig out Toasted, AMU. It's gorgeous. :-)

    I've been thinking of digging out some of the stuff I never use and giving it a rotation. I keep buying things and then just gravitating back to the same old, same old!

  11. I agree with Glossy - love reading them, but then I want everything. I love Chanel pressed powder too and my favourite foundation is (currently) Chanel Teint Innocence Compact.