Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Everyday Minerals Jane Austen Palette

Anyone who's been around the internet makeup world for a while is probably aware that Everyday Minerals is a company that has been involved in a maelstrom of drama in the past. If you're not aware and you care to know, I'm sure Google will bring up plenty of links - I'm not going to go into it here. I used to be a massive fan - theirs were the first loose eyeshadows I ever tried. I dabbled a bit in the powder foundations and mineral blushes, but found those were not really for me. What eventually put me off this company was not the drama but the fact that the owner plasters pictures of herself EVERYWHERE. In my last order - quite some time ago - I received not one but THREE postcards, all pictures of her. The woman needs to put the camera down or go and get herself a MySpace where she can camwhore to her heart's content.

This palette doesn't seem to be available anymore, but you can still buy two of the colours on their own if you're so inclined (Jane Eyre and Anna Karenina). EDM brings old colors back regularly too, so the others may show up again sometime in the future.

 L-R: Jane Eyre, Southern Belle, Dreaming Dandy, Anna Karenina

The idea of a loose powder palette is super cute, and kudos to the company for giving it a go, but it doesn't quite work. The little individual pots are really hard to open - I have to use tweezers - and the opening is so small you can't get anything more than a pencil brush in there, so to apply you have to dip in a skinny brush (think, say, MAC #219) and then sort of dot it on your eyelid.

The colours blend quite well, and the quality of Everyday Minerals is great for the price (though I believe it's gotten more expensive lately, it's still cheaper than a lot of other, similar options). I applied this over UDPP and it lasted well through the day, with just a bit of fading and no creasing. Again, I don't have pics of the outcome due to the weather. I should add, however, that I wore this when I was at home all day - it was not subject to the humidity of our craptacular work air conditioning, or me walking to and from work, so it didn't undergo the same rigorous test that the others I've reviewed so far did.

Lid: Southern Belle, Crease: Anna Karenina

As you can see, the colours are quite subtle, but I blended it out quite a lot. The pigmentation is pretty vibrant, so I'm sure you could easily pack on a much brighter look with the same eyeshadows. (I was a bit half-arsed with my mascara there, wasn't I? It looks like I only have eyelashes on half of my lid.)

Everyday Minerals is (relatively) cheap, their shipping is reasonable and pretty fast, they have a good selection of colours and they bring in new ones regularly. The colours don't tend to be the super bright ones a lot of other MMU companies bring out, so if that's what you're after this might not be your bag.

Unfortunately I don't have Noodle Arms here to swatch for me at the moment, so I have to repost a picture I swatched ages ago.



  1. Didn't know about the Everyday Minerals issues :P EDM was the first mineral makeup I used, foundation, blush, loose eyeshadows, etc. Stopped after a year of use. Man, I haven't been back to the website till I saw your blogpost! :P

  2. Interesting, the colours look great on you, I've yet to get around to the world of mineral shadows. Another thing to investigate in the new year ;)

  3. Tine, what made you stop using it?

    Jade, the colours of mineral shadows - and loose shadows in general - are great, but the mess is a pain in the arse.