Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gorgeous Cosmetics Base Perfect Liquid Foundation

I'd never heard of Gorgeous Cosmetics before Jade sent me some samples recently. I know nothing about them - I don't even know where they are from.

The sample I had was 3N-BP, and once again the colour was way too dark for me, but since it was the weekend and I wasn't planning on going anywhere I figured I would try it out anyway, since I was more interested in the finish and texture.

My skin is a mess at the moment - lots of redness, ginormous pores, breakouts, dry patches - bleh. It's my own fault - I've been chopping and changing skincare products way too much lately; I need to find something and stick to it. In the past couple of days I've been using Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate to try to get it back to a decent state. I'm considering taking up Blackmore's Radiance again. These made a huge difference to my skin - I don't know why I stopped taking them. Laziness, probably - that's usually why I stop doing things. Anyway, my point is that I have quite a bit to cover up at the moment, and I need a full coverage foundation.

I'm actually pretty happy with this - it's not full coverage like, say, Revlon ColorStay or Chanel Mat Lumiere are, but considering I'm not wearing my usual primer or green corrector concealer under this, it's not too bad.

This foundation is easy to apply and blend, and feels really smooth and weightless. I like the feel of it a lot. It lasted pretty well throughout the day, even without a primer. Overall, this is a foundation I could definitely see myself buying, though of course, I'd have to find out what my correct colour is!


  1. Oooh glad you liked it, despite it being the wrong colour :) It was a sample I got from Georgia when she worked there :)

  2. Are they Australian? I've never heard of them or seen their products anywhere.

  3. The coverage looks great and the colour doesnt actually look to far off when you've blended it!

    I'm the same with my routine... keep deciding to try new things then something else cathes my eye and I decide it might be the product that gives me skin like hilary swanks so I just have to get it :)

  4. Eyelining, I am going to be Oompa Loompaing again this weekend - I have a tinted moisturiser to try that's too dark for me. Why are samples always so dark???

    Joy, if only they would stop making new things!