Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Milani Shadow Wear Quad in Exotic Berries

Some time last year I finally let go of my makeup snobbery and realised I could get a lot more bang for my buck if I tried some drugstore products instead of shelling out $70+ on a Chanel quad, hence my first Cherry Culture order, which included a Milani Shadow Wear Quad in Exotic Berries.

At the time, I loved it, and wore it several times before it was shoved aside for newer, shinier things. It's always the way with me, I'm so easily distracted.

The shadow is surprisingly smooth and creamy for a cheapo brand. It blends nicely, and is pretty well-pigmented. Not as good as, say, NYX singles, but certainly a cut above the average drugstore quad. So how did it hold up?

Man oh man, this weather is doing me in. I look like such a greaser at the end of the day! Anyway, a bit of creasing and fading, but it holds up better than the rest of my makeup, that's for sure. I really like this quad, and I've put it in the bathroom basket for regular rotation. I'm tempted to buy more in different colours, especially since Cherry Culture has their 20% off Holiday Sale on again, but I do have that pesky No Buy thing going on. Grrrr.

In short, two thumbs up!


  1. It looks very pretty on you Dee. Do you know what shade of skintone you are?

  2. The quad looks pretty and I love the colors too ^ ^

  3. I don't know, lilpil (I assume you mean by MAC tone?). I have pretty light skin, but not super pale. I'm usually the second or third shade up from the lightest with foundations.

    Sara, I agree - it's very pretty. :-)

  4. Milani and NYX are the best 2 brands I have discovered in the last couple of years... with Everyday Minerals a close third.

    Love these purple tones on you.

  5. I've got one of these quads but I didn't like it I think mine was all purples I used it once and I think mine was a dud (poorly pigmented), I might get it out and try and make it work after reading your post. As for the no buy well you know I had a bit of an indiscretion hehe

  6. Ooooh, the colours are brill and the swatches look really pigmented... that 1st one (the shimmery white) is absolutely lovely. I always find myself picking up new eye shadows although I NEVER hit pan on any of them. I know it's a waste but I'm searching for the HG of eye shadows that will stop me buying any others ever again.

  7. The colors at the beginning of the day look lovely.