Sunday, December 12, 2010

NYX For Your Eyes Only Palette For Green Eyes

A couple of weeks ago I made a rash statement on my Twitter saying that for the next 12 months (from 1st Dec), I was not going to buy any makeup, skincare, or perfume that wasn't either a) limited edition, or b) necessary (ie: I only have one toner, so when I run out a new purchase is legitimate). I've stuck to it for 12 days (I know, I'm a trooper), and as part of the project I thought I might try shopping my stash, as the kids say. I'm sure many of you do what I do - buy makeup, squee over it and use it a couple of times, then buy more makeup and forget about what I was squeeing over just a few days earlier.

I decided to focus on eyeshadow palettes (quads, trios, etc) first. I am such a sucker for buying these, and then I hardly ever use them. They're all sitting in a makeup case feeling sad and neglected.

Since I'm horribly indecisive and I'd probably waste half an hour each morning flicking through them and then end up using one of the same three or four brownish eyeshadows I've been using for weeks now, I asked Noodle Arms to choose one for me to use each day. The first one she chose was the NYX For Your Eyes Only palette for green eyes.

I bought this over a year ago, and it's weird. At first when you look at it, it seems really lovely - lots of beautiful greens, but then you see how kind of random it is. It's difficult to immediately see which colours might go with each other. After playing around with it a few times, I put it away and forgot about it. Noodles picked it out and chose the two colours at the right end for me to try out.

(Let's not look at the trashed eyebrows I've been attempting to grow back for months.) I applied it over UDPP. The colours are okay, but nothing special. The blend well enough, and while the pigment isn't as good as the NYX singles, it's not at all bad.

This was how it looked in the evening - definite creasing and fading. But as you can see, my eyelids and skin start to get oily late in the day, so I don't judge the eyeshadow on that score.

Overall, this palette just doesn't excite me. It's not one I'd pull out very often - if at all. It's just too random.


  1. The two colours work well together :) How does the UDPP hold up on your lids, I've never tried it but I know my lids are super oily mm

  2. Your eye colour is just so beautiful Dee, what a lovely deep green! The eye shadow shades bring it out so well :)

  3. Omg, I was going to do the same thing after Xmas! I just have to last the next 2 weeks leading up to xmas to not buy any lemmings that I might have over the next year lol.

  4. Jade, UDPP holds up for a few hours on my lids, but usually no more than half a day. I've yet to find anything that does, though I'm told Too Faced Shadow Insurance is one I should try.

    Su, thank you. They are green, but the shade changes depending on what makeup and clothing colours I'm wearing. They're not always that dark. :-)

    Tea, if you do it, blog about it! Then I won't feel so alone, lol.

  5. I like those colours together :-) I'm kinda trying to do the same thing at the moment re the no makeup buying. I'm not allowed anything at all untill then end of December (haven't bought anything since the 26th Nov! Oddly proud of that). After that purchses will be very, VERY limited until I've paid off all my student debt. Good luck to you xx

  6. Oh I will definitely be blogging about it! We CAN do it!

  7. Eyelining, good for you - I'm always proud of myself when I go a few weeks without buying something beauty-related, lol.

    Tea, I feel like Bob the Builder. CAN WE DO IT? YES WE CAN!

  8. I know this review was mostly veering towards meh or just plain negative but I still really want this palette! I'm so jealous that you can get your hands on NYX stuff!! If I order in in the UK I have to base my choices on the swatches on the websites (not always reliable as I'm sure you've noticed) and then the postage costs and arm and a leg. Grrr!

    This looks lovely on you. I like that it's a really pretty girly look thanks to the colours but it's still nice and subtle :)

    Looking forward to hearing how the spending ban goes ♥

  9. Hi Joy, I wanted to love it and it does have some lovely colours, but as a palette I just found it too random.

    If you're looking for NYX swatches I can help you there! I swatched everything I own a few months ago.

    I have quite a bit more stuff now so I should probably update these. Might do that on my holidays in a few weeks. :-)