Monday, December 13, 2010

Maybelline Eyestudio Quad Green With Envy

This is the second of my "shopping my stash" reviews, as I discussed yesterday. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this up - I'm a Gemini; we don't have a lot of follow-through.

This is the Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Green With Envy, and it looks like rubbish because it's one of the ones that broke in my recent purchase. Drugstore bashing-around aside, the packaging of this palette is awful. It's so cheap and flimsy. I have another one and the lid broke the first time I opened it. Craptacular.

I applied this over UDPP and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. The colours are quite sheer and shimmery, and not overly interesting, but this is a combo I'd happily wear to work.

Although there's fading, this one actually held up better than the NYX palette from yesterday, although the dark green that I used as a liner is almost completely gone. I should add that I had a bit of a cat nap on the couch before taking this photo, so there may have been some rubbing...

I don't think there's anything special about the colours in this palette - they're not highly pigmented, they're nothing unique, and I really, really, REALLY hate the packaging. For that reason alone I would not buy any more of these.


  1. Interesting, I'm liking this whole shopping your stash series of posts, and YAY I'm a Gemini too hehe :P probably why I'm so weird and sporadic ;)

  2. How disappointing! I'm now glad I walked straight past these palettes.

    I have so many neglected palettes lol, the only one I keep going back to is my wnw Walking on Eggshells.

  3. You got me inspired to shop my stash too! I swear I have enough make up to last me 5 yrs without needing to re-purchase but I'm a sucker for when a new product is released...

    ...Oh and I'm not really a fan of Maybelliine eyeshadows either, not very pigmented. But their mascaras are fabulous!

  4. Yay I was going to do something similar in the new year so i can go through and review all the stuff i've got laying around and try and not buy anything new!

    I liked the look of these eye studio things in the store but I don't think i'll invest :)

  5. Jade, glad you are liking it and yay for Geminis!

    Jacquie, at least I didn't pay Aussie prices for it. Oddly, these are one of the more expensive products in the US drugstore range.

    Makeup and Macaroons, I agree about Maybelline eyeshadows. All the ones I have are pretty much rubbish. I haven't tried any of their mascara in years, though I do have a couple in a bottom drawer waiting their turn!

    Anita, a few people have told me they intend to do the same thing. I'm hoping to see a ton of other people take it up and blog about it. We could make 2011 The Year Of Thriftiness! :-)

  6. I'm a Gemini too and that line made me LOL. Drugstore make up is horrible. There are a few good buys but not a lot. Too bad. Now I understand why people love MAC products so much.

  7. Claire, ironically I'm not a huge fan of MAC. :-) There are a few products I really like but I think a lot of it's over-rated hype. Of course the Australian prices tend to put me off too...

    A lot of the drugstore labels have picked up their game in recent years; I'm a fan of some labels. Maybelline's never really been a favourite of mine, though.

    And yay again for Geminis!

  8. that kinda sucks cos Maybelline are usually so reliable! I was put off these be the design of the packaging - I know it's insanely shallow but I just didn't like the layout or the shape of the shadows in the palette :)

    Rather glad I didn't invest in any of these cos they sound a tad... well... rubbish ♥