Monday, January 10, 2011

Gorgeous Cosmetics Sheer Brilliance Liquid Foundation

I've slacked off with testing my samples - and eyeshadow palettes - of late (I did warn you about the whole Gemini thing), but I'm going to get back into it, because I quite enjoyed doing it. It's also a good way to use up my drawer full of samples! This one is from a couple of weeks ago, and I apologise but for the life of me I cannot remember which shade I had. It was one of the '2' ones, and I think it may have been 2N-SB, but I can't swear to that. Regardless, I wasn't testing the colour so it probably doesn't matter all that much.

First of all, as with the full coverage foundation I tested a few weeks ago, I was really impressed by the feel of the Sheer Brilliance Liquid Foundation. It's light and silky, and applies like a dream. You also can't feel it once it's on - a huge plus for me when it comes to foundation; I cannot tolerate that masky feel you get from so many of them.

I applied this over moisturised skin, with no primer or colour-correcting concealer underneath.

As you can see, not a huge difference, but it does do a nice job of evening out the skin tone. It's probably slightly more effective than a tinted moisturiser, but certainly not up to the job if - like me - you prefer a full coverage.

If I had nicer skin, I would definitely buy this - it feels beautiful, it wears quite well, and although it's a bit on the pricy side at $65AUD, it's still cheaper than most of the high end department store brands here. However, personally I think I would be more inclined to go for the heavier coverage of the Base Perfect Liquid Foundation, and I'm thinking I may just get some when I've finished my current Chanel foundation.


  1. This looks lovely on, though I'd have to agree that the coverage doesnt exactly look "full." My skin hates me (but it's ok cos I hate it right back) and this is exactly the kinda foundation I go for when it isn't playing up! Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Base Perfect liquid Foundation ♥

  2. I've already done the Base Perfect one. Link is here:

    I do wish I had nice enough skin to wear this sheer one regularly, because I really did love the feel of it.