Monday, February 21, 2011

Detrivore Eye Shadow Primer and - uh - a brief mention of UDPP.

A while ago I was reading a blog post by prettybottles where she talked about some tips for successfully applying mineral eyeshadows. Now you know I'm constantly banging on about my issues with mineral and loose shadows - I love the colours, hate the mess. According to prettybottles, my issue could be that I'm not using the right primer. Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy is the one that all the cool kids talk about, but the last few times I've checked the site they've been closed, so I went with another one I've heard mentioned a few times - Detrivore Eye Shadow Primer.

Now, this was supposed to be a comparison of Detrivore vs Urban Decay Primer Potion when using minerals, but SOME IDIOT* accidentally deleted all of the "UDPP first applied" pictures from the camera card. So really, it's kind of a review of Detrivore primer with a bit of a look at how UDPP held up.

The Detrivore primer comes in a small plastic container about the same size as a 3g mineral eyeshadow. The product is packed in and you only need a tiny amount, so it should last for ages. It's pale yellow and reminds me a little of Benefit Lemon Aid, only not nearly as dry. I found it quite easy to apply with my fingers. 
It was $6US + $5US postage and arrived in about a fortnight. I was also sent a couple of free eyeshadow samples in a lovely green and blue (I don't have them handy so I don't know the colours).

For the purposes of this experiment, I wanted a bright colour, and asked Noodle Arms to select one for me. She chose a particularly lairy Sassy Minerals greenish-yellow called Trust Me. This must have been a free one they sent with an order - never in a million years would I have bought yellow eyeshadow. Since I wasn't planning to go anywhere, and people know better than to drop in at my house unannounced (pet peeve), I went with it, and sat around all day with yellow eyelids.

Clean eyelid with Detrivore primer applied and Trust Me on top. 
(I have no other makeup on other than this, so don't judge me!)

I went about my day, cleaning the kitchen, watching my stories, bringing in and hanging out washing, and those exciting sorts of things. Then I took some more pictures about 5 hours after I had applied it.

A good deal of fading and a bit of creasing - though I suspect that Detrivore is misnamed, and is actually a base rather than a primer. I think I should have put UDPP on underneath it.

Now this is the picture of UDPP at the end of the day. Again, just the primer and the eyeshadow - nothing else. How craptacular is that? 

The Detrivore really brought out the brightness of the eyeshadow colour - way more than the UDPP. I don't think it stands up so well on its own (though far better than UDPP on its own judging by the pictures), but combined I think they might do well. I'm going to try that some time this week, so I'll report back on that.

In short, I quite like this product, and I'm going to spend some more time playing with it. I also like the price of it, and you only need a teeny bit so it should last for ages.

*SOME IDIOT would be me.


  1. This is interesting. I just finished a tube of TFSI and cracked open my UDPP, but this time around it really doesn't seem to be working for me at all. I'm thinking I might have to go back to Too Faced. Do you think the Detrivore is a good option for someone like me with really oily eyelids?

  2. I have oily eyelids as well, and I think that might be the problem I had with it creasing and fading a bit. I think it will work better with the UDPP underneath (will let you know when I've tried it).

    I've never tried TFSI, but I'm intending to in the very near future. I'm not a big fan of UDPP - I'm only using it because that's just what I happen to have at the moment.

  3. I have oily lids, but I find it usually works to my benefit for mineral eyeshadows. Clings to powder like you wouldn't believe.

    That said I think the Nyx HD High Definition Eyeshadow primer is mighty fine.

  4. It's hard to find the right primer since they all work differently on different people. Detrivore's primer never worked well for me either.

  5. I hate the Fyrinnae website, but I do like the Pixie Epoxy. When you next get the oppurtunity, do pick it up - it doesn't even crease on me...

  6. Pixie Epoxy is ah-may-zing. You really should try it. It's more of a glue than a primer, though. I suggest swiping/ dabbing/ whatevering just a little bit on and spreading it out with your finger, and within a few seconds pat (don't swipe)the shadow on, so that it doesn't have a chance to dry. After it has had a minute or so to "set," then swipe or pat off any excess. Have you tried any of their shadows? I was pretty tentative about loose shadows, but I truly do love them... I had to place a second order within a week of recieving my first, lol! If you are a fan of either purple or taupe, I suggest Knickers in a Twist. Beautiful color.

  7. Suzanne, my oily lids just cause everything to crease after a while. I might try the NYX primer next time Cherry Culture has one of their 20% off sales.

    Heather, that's the problem with primers - one person will rave about how great one is and someone else says the exact opposite! It's just trial and error, I guess.

    TSGTNP, I fully intend to pick some up eventually, but they're always shutting up shop every time I want something! I hate their website too - it's not at all user friendly.

    Sam, do you mean Fyrinnae shadows? I have tried a few of them and they're excellent. I'm trying not to buy any more eyeshadows though, since I have TONS. You've tempted me with Knickers In A Twist, though - that one might be sneaking its way into my order when I finally get some Pixie Epoxy. ;-)

  8. Wow! I'm surprised to see how much the shadow on just UDPP faded. I never did a comparison of before and after for that before. Maybe I need to take pictures to see if it happens with my shadows.


  9. Wow the colour with UDPP was just crazy by the end of the day - what did that do to the pigment? I wonder if TFSI would work any better?

    And because it has to be said... yellow eye shadow?? lol :D

  10. I know that Fyrinnae isnt closed down, they just shut the site temporarily whilst they make the next batch of products. They are also reformulating their lip lustres, which ill be interested to see if they've improved(for me at least) I adore their pixie apoxy though as its a glue, which you use the tiniest teeniest amount and let it set a few seconds and then it grips loose shimmery shadow and glitter. Its no good on matt shadows as it makes the shadow become wet looking, and matt never looks goof wet!
    I think the detrivore is more of a gluey base which should be put over a primer, thats how i often see it used on who btw does AMAZING looks with eyemakeup.
    ive not used detrivore before as ive heard its not brilliant on oily lids..or if you do use it to use the tiniest amount.
    I have a tube of TFSI and its pretty good, but must admit ELF mineral primer is amazing for general shadows, inc Sleek and loose shadows.