Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Duo

I have been absent a bit lately, as it's summer here and I tend to go into hibernation in hot weather. I hate it. I can't be bothered wearing makeup or perfume, or doing much of anything other than sitting around complaining about the weather. And it hasn't even been that hot this year compared to previous scorchers. Still too hot for me, though.

Anyway, that's enough whinging. I've got a bit of a backlog of my eyeshadow palette tests and I need to start doing some posts on them again. This  is actually one I use quite a bit, and I love it. I received this palette (the eyeshadow duo, a blush and bronzer) in a Clinique GWP a couple of years ago - I believe the eyeshadows were part of a Strawberry Fudge limited edition collection released not long ago as well.

First thing in the morning

The colours are pink with a gold shimmer running through it, and a gorgeous shimmery metallic brown. If you're heavy with the pink you can end up with a bit of a Vegas Showgirl thing going on, so it's a good idea to go easy.

Late in the afternoon

I applied the eyeshadow over UDPP, and as you can see there was very little creasing or fading at all after wearing it all day. They are smooth and creamy and easy to apply and blend. The quality is excellent. This little palette is one of the best things I've ever received in a GWP.

I don't have any other Clinique eyeshadows, but if this is the level of quality of all of them, I'd be happy to buy more.


  1. Wow, this looks so pretty on you Dee! I love the effect, and these shadows seem to last through the day really well. Love!

  2. I have this duo, and I never use! I'm going to pull it out soon :)

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  4. Im so funny about clinique, I think because my mother so I didn't really have a concept of their value/use. shows how you have to pay for something to appreciate it...that said I'm really impressed by the colors in this palette!

    (I only removed the post above because of horrible spelling!! I wasn't being offensive!)

  5. Sarah, I often get complimented when I wear these - I should have them on every day!

    cait, drag it out - the colours really are lovely. :-)

    Suzanne, I always think of Clinique as one of those "old lady" brands, which is why I don't own many of their products. I think I've been judging them harshly though, if these eyeshadows are anything to go on...

    prettymom, thank you - they're definitely among my top 10 favourites of the eyeshadows I have. :-D

  6. Wow what a great GWP! that's pretty generous.

    The duo looks great on your eyes

  7. this looks so pretty!

  8. I reckon i have that one at home too after getting it in a GWP. I'll have to have a look, it is really stunning on you Dee.

  9. The strawberry fudge shade is my HG of eyeshadows, I love the way you've bronzed it right up here! I also received it as a GWP but in a different quad. Love the Clinique GWP, love Clinique in general.

    great post!