Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Retro

A few days ago I was reading a post Stefanie wrote about being pale, and it made me think about how pasty I used to be (I mean that in a good way). Over the years my face has become a bit more red in the cheeks, and I have some discolouration on my forehead, mostly because I'm actually a 5head and I walk everywhere (due to not driving), so I can't really avoid the sun completely.

When I was a young'un I was super pale - I look like a cheery corpse with a bad perm in my Year 12 school photo - but unlike a lot of people who copped flak for their lightness, I loved it. I was way into the whole 40s and 50s Hollywood era look when I was in my late teens/very early 20s, and that was all about super pale skin and red, red lips.

So just to give you all a bit of a laugh, here's the proof - this is me in my mid-20s. Check out the HUGE gap between my eyebrows, the dodgy bit of brassy yellow at the front that didn't quite colour down properly (it didn't really look anywhere near that bad in real life - it was only a shade or so darker than the rest), the classy beer and yes - I am shamefully holding a cigarette in the hand that is cropped from the picture.

Mostly this is for Stef, to show her she's not alone. :-)


  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing. I had a similar mishap with my brows - my sister used to call me John Howard ;)

    I love pale skin too, and a red lip is a great way to show it off. I think it's wonderful to be comfortable in your own skin :)

  2. I love that porcelain skin! You're right ,it is very old Hollywood and looks great with the red lip.

    LOL @ cropping out your cigarrette :)

  3. Sarah, HAHAHA @ John Howard - what a cruel nickname! ;-)

    Jen, I can't believe I was ever a smoker. Ew!

  4. Love the pic Dee! Beer and a ciggie, great way to compliment that 40's vibe :P

  5. Haha, I was a bit past my 40s phase by then, just being a super classy semi-bogan! ;-)

  6. Aw you look like a cheeky pixie <3 GO PALE FACES!!! :D

  7. Wow I love the platinum hair! Very glam ;) Thanks for the pale-love xx