Monday, February 7, 2011

This is your tax dollars at work, people.

As some of you may know, Jacquie and I work together, and for the first time in a year or so, we are sitting together again. This is an excellent excuse to do some important work-related investigations such as the difference between colours in NYX singles and NYX trios (we did it on our tea break, honest).

This is Champagne - you'll have to excuse the rubbish quality of the photos because they have been taken on my iphone in cruddy office lighting with the blinds closed to keep the heat of the Adelaide summer out. However, you can still see that they are different.

From left: Champagne in the NYX Trio Barely There/Champagne/Root Beer, Champagne Single Eyeshadow.

And this is Salmon - it's a bit harder to tell in this picture because it's crap, but there's definitely a pinker tint to the single eyeshadow shade.

From left: Salmon from NYX Trio Platinum Pink/Salmon/Jazzy Bronze, Salmon Single Eyeshadow

I am baffled about why NYX would do this. I think I'm going to write to them and ask.


  1. Lol and tomorrow we should investigate jazzy bronze amongst other work related things ;p

  2. NYX is just trying to get you to buy both the singles and the trios... sneaky of them!
    And I'm jealous, I wish I sat next to someone at work I could do make-up comparing chats with, but alas I have guys all around me and geeky IT ones too!

  3. WTF? It looks like completely different colors. I hope they reply to you cause that just makes me ask 'whhhhhhhhhhy?'

  4. Claire, I tweeted them last night and haven't had a response...

  5. Makeup at work! Hahhaah. Don't worry; Mary and I talk about makeup all the time at work (during our breaks, of course).

    If you do ask, could you post their response? I'm so very curious as to the reason why!


  6. Fiona, I asked but didn't get a reply!

  7. Did you end up writing them? I'm curious what they might've said!

  8. I did, but I didn't get a response. :-(