Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FOA Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation

I might as well admit right up front that this didn't work for me at all, and frankly I'm a bit devo. I read a lot of rave reviews about it and I really wanted to love it. Sadly, mineral foundations and I are not meant to be.

This foundation was included in the massive goodie bag Face Of Australia sent me a few weeks ago, and at first glance it looked like it would be much too dark for me; the colour I have is Beige. However, it's not as dark as it seems to be in the bottle, and was quite a good match. It's fairly thin - a little like MAC Face and Body, but not quite as liquidy.



The coverage isn't enough for me - although it is buildable, but that's not the fault of the product itself. I'm old, people - my foundations are SRS BSNS.

My main problem with mineral foundations of all kinds is that they immediately sink into my pores and I look like I've got some weird disease that involves tiny white dots all over the face.
I tried it with various primers - Face Base, Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch and Benefit The Porefessional, to no avail. Spotty Spotterson.

Click on the pic to enlarge it and behold the gory glory.

In short, not mah thang. However, I've read many positive reviews, it's a great price - around $15 in Priceline, and it does feel quite nice on.

I've passed it on to Jacquie and she seems to have had much better luck with it than I did. I'll keep prodding her to do a review of her own.


  1. Argh what a bummer! I was surprisingly pleased with this one myself.

  2. I'm the same with Mineral foundations, they do absolutely nothing for me!

  3. Ah, it's not this particular product, Jade - I've had the same problem with every mineral foundation I've tried, be it liquid, mousse or powder.

    The Make-up Fairy, you too, huh? I wonder what that's about? It's so annoying!

  4. All liquid mineral foundations don't work for me either. Could be because I need quite a lot of coverage (AKA SRS BSNS) hahaha! Also, so far, all the mineral powders I've tried have been too glittery. Boo. My fingers are crossed for MAC MSF to be what I've been searching for.

  5. I've never heard of this one, but it's too bad it didn't work for you!

  6. Ogh, argh, I hate it when the pore-sink-in's happen... It happens so often that I've pretty much accepted that I need to be really, really light with foundation all the time.

  7. Good to see an honest review about a foundation, I am yet to try this and have not tried many mineral types, so will see how I go. Great review xx

  8. what does MAC face and body for your skin? Is it comparable?

  9. what does MAC face and body for your skin? Is it comparable?