Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nad's Facial Wand

My eyebrows are the bane of my existence. In the 1990s I waxed and plucked them into oblivion and now I am paying the price. They look like crap. They're also quite light and sparse, so even what's there is patchy.

Over the past few years I have attempted to grow them back in many, many times to no avail. There's no thickness or body, just random hairs popping up all over the place. It looks like a centipede stood on a land mine. Last year I spent about four or five months doggedly growing them - it looked a mess but I was determined to put up with it for as long as I possibly could. When I finally couldn't stand it anymore, and was hopeful that I could get at least a bit of oomph going with them, I went off to a beautician who proceeded to wax them right back into the skinny lines I'd been desperately trying to get rid of. GAH.

 Anyway, since then I just do the best I can and pretty much pretend they're not there. I know they look like rubbish, but there's not much more I can do about it. I just keep them neat and use powder and pencils to add a bit of colour. And then every couple of months when I realise I'm well down the road of yet another failed attempt to make something of them, I set to (not) waxing them back to neatness.

Enter the Nad's Facial Wand. 

I don't know what the heck Nad's is. I remember the ads when it first came out and the woman emphatically stating, "It's not a wax!" (She also emphatically stated it was painless, which is bollocks, but it's no worse than waxing.) She would haul her poor hairy daughters out in front of the camera and proceed to demonstrate why she had invented Nad's.

The Nad's Facial Wand has one of those wind-up clicky wotsits (technical term) on the end that pushes the product to the tip, where there's a small hole for it come through. The idea is that you smooth a thin layer on the bit of eyebrow (or moustache or whatever) you wish to remove, then smooth on a little cotton strip that comes with it, and rip it off - exactly like waxing (are you sure it's not a wax, Nad's lady?). It's pretty easy to get the stuff where you want it, and avoid getting it where you don't want it, thanks to the fine tip. Much easier than smoothing on with a stick or spatula.

Before - RIP Centipede. I draw a line along the bottom of my eyebrow as a guide. That's not some fashion thing I do, in case you're wondering. 

After - the redness fades within an hour. I still have to colour bits in. Stupid 90s! 

The problem I have with Nad's is that it's not that great. It does remove the majority of hair, but it always misses a few, and no matter how many times you go over it, they won't come out. So I still have to get Ye Olde Tweezermans out and start tugging away at the stubborn little dudes who won't move. It's a bit of a palaver.

The hairs start growing back after about three weeks, and you'll need to Nadify the area every 6 weeks or so - again, similar to waxing. Are you reaaaaaaally sure this isn't a wax, Nad's lady?

It costs about $14 in Priceline and lasts a fair while as you don't need much. I think I replace mine every 6-8 months, and usually it's because it's gone a bit gungy, not because I've used it all.

P.S I don't know what the heck is going on with my font and I can't work out how to fix it.


  1. It seems like an interesting product, but no different than waxing!

  2. I used this years ago, but I still prefer going to a professional (and shouting 'I don't want skinny brows! Just a tidy up!') to using this, for the reasons you outline above. There's a vid on DermTV about regrowing brows which you may find interesting :)

  3. Great review, I've never tried at home waxing before with my brows.

    I remember my brows being plucked and waxed into oblivion by my mum and beauty technicians and then one day I was just like NO MORE I WANT BIG EYEBROWS!!! Now I just tweeze to tidy them up because I'm yet to find a brow guru I trust lol

  4. LOL! Loved reading this. I hate doing my brows and for some reason I get less and less adept at shaping them. Frankly the whole thing is a pain in the ass and I wouldn't mind lasering out strays so that I never have to pluck/wax/thread again.

  5. I've never waxed my eyebrows or had them waxed, I just pluck them semi-regularly. They're sort of different shapes, but hey, who's perfectly symmetrical anyway. Yours look lovely to me!

  6. Jade, I can't find a brow person who does what I want them to - that's why I just keep banging away at them myself. :-(

    Liz, I feel the same! I used to be quite confident about getting them right but in the past few years I'm all over the place. How on earth does one lose the ability to shape their own eyebrows??

    Stacey, you're so sweet (coughliarcough). I wish I had the nous to not start messing about with mine in the first place.

  7. The name... is getting to me! I'm pretty juvenile, so my mind keeps taking out the apostrophe from the brand name. Incidentally, the name of the basketball team of the art school across my college was "Nads," and you can just imagine what their mascot was... I won't delve into it. lol

  8. Haha, the name makes me laugh for the same reason! Down in the gutter, we are. ;-)

  9. I'm having similar issues with font too, lately.

    I bought this stuff about a fortnight ago to tame my 'stache and hated it so much I binned it. I don't know. It didn't remove anything for me. ):

    Your brows are quite nice, by the way. I was cursed with short, fat caterpillars. You could park a jumbo between them. Sigh.