Monday, April 25, 2011

Sampling Samples: Revlon New Complexion Makeup

I have to admit I've not been in the mood to write in my blog lately - I've become a bit disillusioned with it all. I don't really want to go into it because I'll just sound bitchy and sour, but there have been several things I've seen of late that have made my think, 'Ugh'.

Anyway, enough of that. As part of my mission to drastically reduce my stash I've been going through my sample drawer, throwing out what looks like it's years old and using what looks like it might be okay (fingers crossed!). This sample of Revlon New Complexion Makeup looks like it came out of a magazine. Revlon claims it is a 'light as air, oil free formula (that) evens out skin tone and lets skin breathe etc. etc.' It goes on a bit. It also contains 'Dermabreathe'. What do you suppose that might be? No idea, but it sounds all fancy and cosmeceutical, doesn't it?

The formula of this product is very liquidy - I poured it on to my hand and then had to grab it quick and apply it before it ran off everywhere. It's a medium coverage, and buildable, but even with a couple of layers around my cheeks it didn't quite cover the redness (though admittedly that's been worse than usual lately - probably because I've been playing with samples...). The colour I had was #04 Natural Beige, which was pretty right for me. (I'm getting darker as I get older - I used to be in the lightest or second lightest shade of foundations, then I moved into the second or third. Now I'm on the fourth - weird.)

This foundation feels lovely - it's silky, light and easy to blend, and doesn't feel heavy or mask-ish.



Despite the fact that I really like the feel of this foundation, it's not for me - it just doesn't have enough coverage. I need a more heavy duty one like ColorStay.


  1. This looks like a nice foundation, but I need a good amount of medium coverage too! Thanks for the review :)

  2. I need to do the same with all of my samples, might work on it this week, this one doesn't look too bad, I've only ever used Revlon photoready, which I liked then hated (just not great on my dry skin) I still need to try and use it up lol might find something to mix it with.

  3. Sarah, it's a shame there's not more coverage - I really did like how it felt (or rather, *didn't* feel, lol).

    Jade, Jacquie bought Photoready and hated it so she gave it to me, and I hated it too and passed it on to someone else. It just shone a spotlight on every single one of my pores.

  4. Jade - Yeah photoready was awful although I wonder now if I had used the Rimmel loose powder if it would have been so bad. Oh well.

    That new complextion foundation looks like it has a nice sheen in the photo but I assume it would look slightly greasy if that was happening across the whole face? It seems to have a similar finish to the Bourjois Healthy Mix I have been trying.

    Revlon does annoy me though their foundations are so yellow I can't get them to work for me :(

  5. Shame it doesn't have the coverage you're looking for. I think it looks very nice on your skin.

    I hope this "ugh" feeling does't last too long, I love reading your blog. (:

  6. Great idea going through the samples(I've got truckloads)! Hopefully you'll find some hidden treasures.

  7. It does look like a nice finish on your skin! Totally know where you're coming from about running out of blogging steam... x

  8. great review! It does look quite nice, but I would like one with more coverage too

  9. I've been doing the same with samples, I had a whole box of them so I've been trying to use them up!

  10. It looks nice however it looks like I'd have a very oily face in about 20 minutes, sigh