Friday, April 22, 2011

Wet'n'Wild Color Icon 8 Pan Eyeshadow Comfort Zone

Wet'n'Wild is a brand not available in Australia. On the one hand, that's bad, because they've really stepped up their game - especially with their eyeshadows. On the other hand, it's probably just as well, because although it's a brand that's as cheap as chips in the US, no doubt we'd be paying $25AUD for these 8 colour palettes if they were in Priceline or Target.

I bought Comfort Zone a while back on eBay, and although I loved it immediately for some reason I didn't start using it. It was around the time when we still had a few hot days so I wasn't really wearing eyeshadow much. However, I've been seeing swatches and looks from it in other blogs quite a bit lately so I figured it was time to haul it out and have a crack at it.

The colours are gorgeous - neutral enough for day wear, but with a couple of zingers for when you want to take it up a notch. They are highly pigmented, easy to apply and blend, and last all day with a primer underneath. The one downside is that they're a bit powdery so if you don't tap off your brush before applying you'll probably have to deal with some fallout.

Swatches from the left side (no primer) - that first colour is a bit chalky, the others are excellent.

Swatches from the right side (no primer) - the last one is a MAC Club dupe (see below)

I've been wearing this palette all week and it's really versatile - you can mess about with blending different colours if you have the time, but if you're like me and generally running a bit late in the mornings, there are also plenty of colours you can just swipe on the lid and wear alone.

The last pic is the Club dupe - I just couldn't get a picture at 6:30am that shows how great this looks. It's a reddish brown with green overlay and it's awesomesauce.

Comfort Zone is a beautifully practical, wearable palette and if you like neutrals and greens it's a must have. It's currently out of stock in most places, but it's part of Wet'n'Wild's permanent range so it will be available eventually. You can keep an eye out for it on Nonpareil, where it will set you back about $7US, or Crush Cosmetics for about $15AUD.

Paddle Pop Lion gives this palette two thumbs up.


  1. Ooh, this is really pretty! I haven't tried anything from Wet n Wild yet but I so want to.

  2. We can only get limited Wet n Wild in 8 pan palettes yet for us, I want this one for that taupe shade alone!

  3. LMFAO @ paddle pop lion!

    I'm pretty sure they sell Wet n Wild on They look so awesome and super-pigmented but I keep reminding myself that I don't need more eyeshadows. haha

  4. such a good eyeshadow palette.

  5. I love this palette!

    I'm actually going to be doing swatches of all of them. :)

  6. Yerr this is on my W n W wish list, loving this brand so far Dee :D

  7. Look at that photograph of Chad. Every time I do it makes me laugh.

    Nice shadows, love the colours! (:

  8. Love the WnW eyeshadows! They look so beautiful and pigmented. One of these days I'm going to have to actually get one

  9. Great review lady. I quite like Wet 'n' Wild actually. It's a very inexpensive line but the colors are really brilliant. If you're a fan of bronze eye shadows like I am, try and get your hands on WnW Nutty. I am obsessed with this color


  10. Am I missing the significance of Chad Kroeger there? I hate Nickelback. But I love this palette, just did a review too. We don't have these in Canada either, so I had to swap with someone for it.

  11. Stacey, get on to it! They're so good for cheapie eyeshadows.

    Tracy, that sucks! You'd think being right next door to the US you guys would be sweet.

    Angela, CC has them but is currently sold out and has been for a while. As far as I know that's the only Australian outlet that sells them.

    littlelucy, it's awesome. :-)

    VM, I think it was a post you did on Comfort Zone that finally inspired me to pull it out and start using it!

    Jade, glad you're liking it. I do love to enable folk. ;-)

    Michelle, that photo cracks me up. I should print it out and stick it up at work.

    Emily, definitely give them a try, they're great. :-)

    Christina, I have Nutty and I looooove it!

    Justine, sorry - you probably have to be an Aussie to get that joke. The Paddlepop Lion is an animated figure that is on a particular brand of ice cream. The old style version of the picture (which I can't find online) kind of looks like Chad, so in Australia he's pretty much always referred to as Paddlepop Lion.

  12. The W'n'W palettes are definitely on my wishlist!

  13. I swore I wouldn't get any more neutral eyeshadows because I have plenty, but after seeing that Club dupe I have to. Nooooo

  14. That looks like such a good palette - esp the shades on the right.

    Although lets be honest, it's the Chad pic at the end that is the real star of this post!

  15. I bought a Wet and Wild Eyeshadow palette in the US (Lust) but gave it away because the colours were so difficult to blend. Do you find this with the eight colour palette Dee?

  16. Vita, they're definitely worth trying. :-)

    The Rhapsode, I know what you mean - I had no need for this palette at all, but I had to have it!

    Natalie, I need an entire collection of Chad 'mood' pics. Happy Chad, sad Chad, annoyed Chad...

    Sarah, I have a couple of old trios and they can be a bit of work to blend, but I think they must have been reformulated, as this one (and the more recent trios I have) are a dream.

  17. The club dupe you wore last week was the final nail in the coffin for me - as you know I finallu caved and got myself one on ebay.