Saturday, June 11, 2011

SMH Eyeshadows

I bought some SMH eyeshadows from ACW a couple of months ago and then kind of forgot about them. I happened across one earlier this week and decided to test them out.

From left: Cashmere, Warm & Fuzzy, Sex Kitten

The quality is hit and miss - Cashmere and Warm & Fuzzy are really nicely pigmented, apply well, blend well and have a lovely not-too-OTT shimmer. Sex Kitten is pants - chalky, chunky, and glittery.

When I was messing about with them it occurred to me that they all looked vaguely familiar, so I decided to see if they were dupable. 

From left: SMH Sex Kitten, Stila Kitten

SMH Sex Kitten, Stila Kitten (sorry for the light - I took about 50 pics of this swatch, and this is the best I could get)

I thought that Sex Kitten was probably supposed to be a dupe of Stila Kitten, given the name. However, they're not really anything alike, as you can see in the swatch.

From left: NARS Ondine, SMH Cashmere

SMH Cashmere, NARS Ondine

When I tried Cashmere the first thing it made me think of was NARS Ondine. Though they're not an exact dupe I do think they're quite similar. I love Ondine - it's one of my favourite and most-used eyeshadows - but I think I actually like Cashmere better. It's a little more shimmery and has a nicer finish.

From left: Wet'n'Wild Nutty, SMH Warm & Fuzzy

Warm & Fuzzy, Nutty

Warm & Fuzzy is supposedly a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe, which I don't have. However, Nutty is also an alleged Satin Taupe dupe and I do have that, so I compared these two. I think these two are the best likeness, even though they're not an exact dupe. 

So overall, I like these eyeshadows, though there are obviously some duds. 
  • There's a good range of colours. 
  • They cost $6US each, so they're a bargain (though ACW can screw you on shipping). 
  • They come in those little clear plastic pans - you're supposed to put them in a palette yourself. 
  • They're the same size as MAC eyeshadows so you can use their palettes too.
Anyone tried any of these? What do you think? I'm curious to try some of the greens and purples but I'm trying really hard not to buy any more eyeshadow at the moment...


  1. I haven't tried these yet, but they look tempting. Looks like I'll have to do my research first though! Thanks for the post Dee :)

  2. Love Warm & Fuzzy and Nutty! Great post. :)

  3. Sarah, definitely look at swatches first. I think Karlasugar has them all.

    Angela, Nutty is awesome. I think it cost me about $2 on Nonpareil!

  4. They look great! I just checked the shades and wow, the purples and blues beautiful!
    How you store your refills? Do you have one of those magnetic palettes?

  5. Definitely some dupe shades there, from the looks of it I prefer Cashmere over Ondine too...just a little richer. Nice post!

  6. Warm & Fuzzy looks lovely! It's too bad they vary so much.

  7. Su, I've been eyeing the purples as well. At the moment I just have them in the little plastic thingies they came in, as I don't have enough to shell out for a palette.

    Thanks, Tracy. Cashmere is going to be a work favourite for sure.

    VM, it is a shame because you don't know til you buy whether you're going to get a dud, though I guess googling for swatches would help in that regard.

  8. The dark browns make a lovely combination when trying to create the smokey eye look.I like to do my eye with the dark and black shades to create a smokey foundation

  9. I really love 'Golem' and 'Small key' by Shiro. Liking the look of Cashmere and if it's anything like Ondine it'd be gorgeous!