Monday, June 13, 2011

Swatches: Shiro Cosmetics

Everyone's been talking about Shiro Cosmetics lately, particularly the Intertubes, lip tint/lipsticks named after internet memes.

This isn't a review as I haven't really used any of this stuff properly, I just thought I'd show you the swatches and give my initial impression, which to be honest isn't much.

 Bulbasaur, Golem, Budew

Rickrolled, Three Wolf Moon, Over 9000

  • Cheap.
  • Reasonable shipping cost and time (mine took about two weeks to arrive).
  • Lip colours are nice, particularly Rickrolled.
  • You can buy samples of everything, including lip colours.

  • Eyeshadow colours aren't that highly pigmented.
  • The lids don't fit back on the jars properly.
  • The lip colours are difficult to apply evenly. 
  • Three Wolf Moon has cinnamon in it and stings like hell. 
  • There's nothing unique about any of it, with the possibly exception of Rickrolled.
Golem, Bulbasaur, Budew - no primer

Golem, Bulbasaur, Budew, over Detrivore primer. 

Over 9000


Three Wolf Moon

Thanks as usual to my helper Noodles!


  1. did you take the sifters out of the eyeshadows? I had hell getting a decent color out until I took the sifters out. they're packed in too tight!

  2. No, I was going to because it's hard to get enough product out, but the lids don't go on tightly. I might have to decant them.

  3. I'm going to get mine out tomorrow I swear, I bought them before I moved then packed them and haven't played with them still. Can't even remember which colours I have mm, I still want intertubes though (especially sad keanu)

  4. Very cute last pic Dee :)

  5. Never heard of Shiro before. The lipsticks look nice.
    Noodles is gorgeous as ever :)

  6. My first impression of Shiro was similar...not very pigmented. That said, over primer, they really pop and are some of my favorite shadows!

  7. I just got another Shiro order, and I can't wait to swatch and compare 'first impressions' with you Dee. Love the look of the intertubes on the lips!

  8. I like the look of Rickrolled, and I love the pokemon names! Noodles is so cute, it's nice to see the swatch master in action;)