Saturday, August 20, 2011

Award Wotsit

 Once I was sunshine...

Yonks ago Jacquie nominated me for something called a Sunshine Award, and given that she knows me in real life, it's quite hilarious, because though there are many words that can be used to describe me, 'sunshine' isn't one of them. I'm not going to nominate anyone - you're all awesomesauce and you've probably all been nominated by someone else anyway. I'll just do the top 10 favourite products wotsit. But I'm going to do an 'of all time' one, so some of these no longer exist (sob). They are in no particular order.

1. Clarins Cleansing Milk. My number one cleansing product - I've been through tons of bottles of this stuff, and I just love it. Gentle, cleansy (is that a word? it is now), not too expensive considering it's Clarins, and a good thing to stock up on when you need to buy something to get one of their fabbity GWPs.

2. Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation. My holy grail foundation - matte but not dry or cakey, goes on smoothly, lasts the distance, you don't need powder over it, etc. etc. LOVE IT.

3. Chanel Inimitable Mascara. Best mascara ever. FACT.

4. Poppy King lipstick in Indolence. I'm talking the original early 90s Poppy King here. If I'd known these were going to disappear I would have bought 100 of them. I loved them to death. I don't much like her new ones, they're just not the same.

5. Benefit Creaseless Cream eyeshadow in Flatter Me. A gorgeous neutral that you can swipe on in seconds. My go-to eyeshadow for when I want a face on but don't have the time to faff about.

6. Miller Harris Fleur Oriental EDT. I can still remember the first time I smelled this - I sprayed it on my wrist in Klein's Perfumery about ten years ago and thought, "Meh", then continued on up the street shopping. After about 15 minutes I sniffed again, and then again, and then again... and then I went back and bought it. It's considered a bit of a 'meh' perfume as Miller Harris fragrances go (and fragrances in general - I don't know many people who particularly like it), but I adore it. It will always be my favourite.

7. The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter. OMG the smell of this stuff! It's like really good vanilla ice cream. I've been buying this since it first appeared in Australia (early 90s?) and in my younger days, when I cared what young men thought of me, I was thrilled by the fact that I was constantly told how good I smelled. Honestly, if you're on the prowl, this is the stuff - it's like catnip.

8. Back To Basics Vanilla Oil. There's a shop in Geelong called Back To Basics and they used to sell a vanilla oil for about $5 that had the same effect on ye blokage that Brazil Nut Body Butter had. It was divine - I slathered it on willy nilly. It doesn't seem to be available anymore, or at least it's not on their website. And when I was in there a few years ago on a visit to Geelong I sniffed it and it just wasn't the same. I don't know whether they changed the formula or I outgrew it, but either way I was a bit sad.

9. Terax Crema. My holy grail conditioner. Noodle Arms has cottoned on to it now as well so it's costing me a bit, since she has a lot of hair and likes to slather it on. I'm going to have to start buying it by the crate. It doesn't smell very nice, but I don't care - it's amazing.

10. Cedel Extra Firm Hairspray. I just love this stuff because it makes me think of old lady hair salons, and I love old lady hair salons. You know the kind I mean - the cane furniture, the 10 year old copies of Women's Weekly, the dusty monsteria in the corner, the decor is dirty cream with that mushroom or salmon pink accent. If there was one around here I'd totally go there, but I live in an area full of ageing hipsters and self-funded retirees, and they wouldn't be seen dead in one of these, not even ironically. Pity.


  1. Ye Blokage. Total lols.

    Also you should blog more. JUST SAYING. On a similar note aforementioned blokage also responds very positively to the Mango body butter.

  2. So apparently men like women to smell like food. Perhaps we should rub ourselves all over with a steak from Hog's Breath.

    I'm slowly getting back into it. BE PATIENT.

  3. Awww you were such a cute kid :)
    I love those body butters too. Off to check out Back to Basics!

  4. I'm really gonna have to try Mat Lumiere at some point!

  5. Benefit creaseless creams are fab, no denying it! :D

  6. The most compliments I have ever consistently received on a perfume was for the Body Shop Vanilla Oil. I reckon you're on to something Dee.

  7. Su, I'm not sure how good the BTB website is - never used it. But if you're ever touring Geelong the shop is definitely worth a gander.

    Liz, Mat Lumiere is awesome. I alternate with Revlon ColorStay but I find that one is more drying.

    Jade, love those Creaseless Creams. Still haven't gotten my hands on Skinny Jeans though...

    Natalie, I used to love BS Vanilla Oil but I think they changed the formula - it doesn't seem as potent as the 90s version. I also loved that one that was called Japanese something... Japanese Blossom? I can't remember.