Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eat Shit, Jessica - It's Carrot!

I told you that you would be spammed with random posts this weekend. I was thinking this morning about things that make me laugh (I don't know why - it was just one of those things I think about every now and then), and I remembered this clip of Orlando Bloom on Graham Norton. I know I've posted this on Facebook before, and probably Twitter, but I don't think I have here (if so, it's worth watching again so stop whinging).


  1. Oh man that is so funny :D I almost want to shout it out now for reals

  2. It kills me! Every now and then I just turn to Noodles and say, "Eat shit, Jessica - it's carrot!" or "Sex on the beach WHAT EVER... AND THEN YOU WOKE UP" and we both just cack ourselves.