Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things Everyone But Me Seems To Love

I'm at a bit of a loose end this weekend because Noodles has gone on a mini-vacation with her father, and it's too hot outside to go and do anything, so I'm just bumming around. Therefore, you may get spammed with random blog posts about random topics. Like this one.

A while back Natalie did a post about things that everyone else seems to like except her, and I've been pondering that idea in my head ever since, because there are many things that I just don't get the love for. I'm not trying to make out like I'm some too-cool-for-school hipster type (I do have a Nickelback song on my iPod. ONLY ONE), but sometimes I'm just baffled by things that everyone else adores. So here's my list of a few that come to mind.

  1. Bronzer/tanners. I don't get them. I just don't. 
  2. True Blood. I've tried to watch this, but it's just annoying fake accents and lots of bonking. It bores me senseless. 
  3. Dexter. Similarly, I cannot get into Dexter at all, and I've tried several times. Michael C. Hall was the best thing in Six Feet Under, so it's not him. It's the voice-over that bothers me more than anything. I get that the monotone is deliberate because Dexter doesn't 'feel' things, but it's sooooooo dull. I just don't care. 
  4. Harry Potter. Twilight polarises people, but the only other person I've ever heard say anything dismissive about Harry Potter is Ricky Gervais (who freely admitted he hadn't even read the books - his derision was directed more towards adults reading children's literature). I've read four of the books and seen a handful of the movies, and I don't get it. The story is okay, but the books are so badly over-written. I tried to read the first one aloud to Noodles when she was little and she got bored. This is a kid who spent her toddler years having Oscar Wilde's The Canterville Ghost and The Selfish Giant read aloud to her over and over (and again - not trying to sound hipster, at the moment she's all about the Pretty Little Liars books and America's Next Top Model, much to my horror). I don't mind the movies - at least the story is tighter - but again, they're just fun children's adventure movies. 
  5. Gladiator shoes. HATE THEM. I just dislike clunky, chunky shoes generally, and they seem to have been in fashion for years now. I thought when the Mad Men fashion craze hit we'd go back to the kitten heels and pointed toes (I still have mine, just waiting!), but no such luck.
  6. Kylie Minogue. I just... I don't get it. 
  7. James McAvoy. He is so blandly forgettable to me that every time I see his face I have to think for about 30 seconds about who he is. 
  8. Ryan Reynolds. See Kylie Minogue. 
  9. Dr Who. Another one of those things that seems to be for children but adults are obsessed with. I don't know, maybe I'm missing something - admittedly I've never seen a full episode because I can't sustain interest for more than a couple of minutes. 

So there's my list.  Feel free to disagree with me and tell me why I'm wrong. And tell me what you don't like that everyone else does.


  1. I love True Blood and am mighty invested in the Harry Potter movies. the books themselves suffered from the "I'm too powerful an author for anyone to risk telling me to cut out a huge chunk of it" problem.

    I was neutral to McAvoy, and then I watched First Class. Criminy. Hoo boy. No accounting for taste, obviously.

    Everything else? Completely with you. I'm going to add Joss Whedon, as a whole. Buffy, Firefly, Serenity, it all bores me to tears.

  2. Who is Ryan Reynolds and James mcavoy? Also I don't care for bronzer/fake tan (though I do plan to master contouring!) TRUE BLOOD and HP 4eva!!! :P

  3. Suzanne, I agree with you about the editing problem - tighten that shit up and you might get me in, man. It's like everything Stephen King has written since 1993.

    And how could I have forgotten Joss Whedon? I can't stand that smug git. I did quite like the first couple of seasons of Angel, though.

  4. Jade, who indeed are Ryan Reynolds and James McAvoy. WHO ARE THEY?

  5. Haha this post made me laugh! I think it's great we can all have a beauty obsession but also have completely different opinons on other things. Example: Ryan Reynolds is simply delicious and I've loved him since Two Guys A Girl and a Pizza Place circa 98-2001.

    James McAvoy is boring, i'll give you that!

    True Blood I enjoy, but haven't even watched the most recent season yet, it started to get a little too crazy, even for me.

    Dexter I couldn't really get into either. Watched about half the first season and was kinda forcing myself to watch the episodes because so many people rave about it!

    Harry Potter I can take or leave. I only ever read 2 of the books and saw the first and last movie.

    i also like fake tan, but only in summer/spring or when I can't handle my pasty legs being on show. However, it's such a bloody pain to apply that I will usually just give up before I start.

    Anyway, great post Dee!

  6. I found the same with Dexter, Angie. I was actually making myself watch it and after about 6 episodes I thought, what am I doing here? It's not like I'm watching it for a degree.

  7. haha Dee, great post! I dislike true blood immensly, my ex house mate loved it. I however do like Ryan Reynolds. His movies = lame, his abs = hot. Kylie Minogue, James McEvoy I HATE, well I really hate kylie but I am a little indifferent about James. I have many pairs of kitten heels, to go with the fact that I desperately wish that I could go live in the 50's, however I also have ONE pair of gladiator sandals. They were from Mimco, so they are more lady like than regular glad sandals. Well I like to think so. It was basically I wanted something else Mimco, because I am a stupid little hoarder. I like bronzer, but Matte, very light bronzer. I however am going through a dislike of fake tan. I really want to be as pale as Mad Man Joan. I think I covered everything haha.

  8. I tried a lot with True Blood since EVERYONE seems to love it. Didn't really work :-\

  9. Okies now that I've googled both of those men, I must say -
    Reynolds = PUKE
    McAvoy = DREAMY

  10. I'm with you on some of these! True Blood - never watched it. I tried to watch the first Harry Potter, but could only make it halfway thru. I do like Kylie! I have a bunch of her stuff on my ipod. And I also like Ryan. Who is this McAvoy? I don't even know who he is! Oh, who is Dexter?

    Lets see if I can add to the list...

    video games: I don't get how people can spend hours playing them.

    reality shows: what is this Jersey Shore show people are talking about? There are way too many reality shows out there these days!

  11. LMAO @ that bear!

    1. Never got that either until this year. Now I have way too many bronzers!

    2. LOVE True Blood! It's just good old guilty pleasure. You can't think too much about it.

    3. Been meaning to get into it but I fear it's too late.

    4. IF I had read the books first, I would have been one of those crazy people dressing up like the characters on Halloween. But I've managed to avoid both the books and the movies so, yeah, I don't get it.

    5. I think they're gone now. Didn't hate them in the first place, though. :)

    6. It must be an Aussie thing. We don't talk about her at all here.

    7. He looks like a little boy to me but there's something charming about him. (I generally like Scottish men for some reason!) He's also pretty funny. His impression of Patrick Stewart is spot-on!

    8. He's fabulous to look at but so annoying to listen to. But we Canucks proudly claim him as our own.

    9. Dr. Who Who? lol

  12. What a great idea, I'm so gonna do this!

  13. I can't believe there are people out there who don't know who Ryan Reynolds is. I thought he was like the new Tom Cruise or something.

  14. I'm really upset about Doctor Who being on here, but I can understand why people don't like it. I guess that goes for everything, actually. I feel really out of the loop with a lot of these things when people make a fuss and I just don't get it. I can't understand the obsession with .. dare I say it.. Glee. I'd rather die than watch it. I'm afraid I'll like it someday if I give it a chance and I'd really rather not.

  15. Sarabel, I know quite a few people who can't stand Glee. I must admit, I've almost given it up a few times, but I'm still hanging in there. :-)

  16. I don't care for any of the above! We are on the same page! Yay!

  17. 1. I don't get self-tanner either. My beauty 'schedule' is pretty full as is is - the last thing I need is extra exfoliating and waiting added to the routine. Three days ago I would have agreed with you on the bronzer thing, but I've *just* got them to work for me. It's a revelation!

    2.I don't get True Blood either.

    3. Same

    4. LOVE Harry Potter, though the writing is not exactly sophisticated. The plot is what does it for me.

    5. HATE gladiator shoes too. And ankle boots.

    6. Same

    7. LOVE James McAvoy. Atonement was the clincher.

    8. Yes, who is this guy? So bland!

    9. I don't mind Dr Who, but I'm not mad keen on it either. Love the old-school Tom Baker version much more :)

  18. Urgh I don't get this obsession with Ryan Reynolds that has come about lately? Not my kind of man!

    Can't agree on Harry Potter ( love all the books and movies, despite bad acting) . I guess like many others it was my childhood thing.

    LOVE Dexter, when i first started watching I thought meh/EWW buy not I can't get enough.

    Used to love True Blood, a bit over it now.

  19. Because I'm still going through Google Reader ftom when I was away, I only just saw this. Firstly, that bear photo kills me. I'm going to steal it and send it to people at work when they ask me to do stupid thigs.

    I LOVE Kylie. I have since 1987 and I don't care. I also enjoyed Harry Potter, think Ryan Reynolds is smokin' and couldn't live without Bronzer.

    True Blood, gladiators and McAvoy I'm ambivalent about but I'm totally there re Dexter and Dr Who. I like how these posts make us realise we are not so alone on these things after all (and I too have ONE Nickelback song on my iPod).