Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update on Project UIOLI

I'm halfway through Project Use It Or Lose It (the two week mark), so I thought I'd do a bit of an update. I have to admit, this past week I haven't been wearing much makeup as I've been sleeping badly and getting up late, so for a few days it was just tinted moisturiser and a swipe of mascara. However, on the days I have worn makeup I have stuck faithfully to only using the items from Project UIOLI.

Using it: 

I really, really love the eyeshadows in the Clinique Strawberry Fudge palette. The brown is not as dark as I remember it being - it's a bit like NARS Ondine but more shimmery, a sort of plummy brown with a gold shimmer. It's gorgeous. The little ELF blushes are all matte, which I like, and not highly pigmented, which I also like. I've been getting a fair bit of wear out of those, particularly as they're nice Spring colours. The only problem with them is they're so small they're a PITA to get a blush brush into.

The lip glosses are both low key, easily wearable colours and I'm quite enjoying them for days when I can't be bothered with the whole lipstick palaver. Not on the photo are the two Stila lipsticks - Natasha and Sarah. I sort of count these as lip glosses as they're quite sheer and shiny, and they're not really 'proper' lipsticks. They've been getting a bit of use too.

The NYX palette is great. I don't think I've ever really used this before - as I said, I took it from Noodles when she decided she was never going to use it. It's just a good neutral palette with very wearable practical colours. Nothing's too chalky or too shimmery - in fact, they're all quite creamy, and though I'm a raving NYX fan as you know, I'm the first to admit that their palette shadows can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. This is definitely a keeper!

Thinking of losing it:

These two NYX blushes are total disco balls - they're way too glittery and shimmery for day wear and my night life days have been over for quite a while now, so I can't imagine I would get much use out of them. Might be losing those. The Sleek lipsticks are both a bit 'off' on me - they're too frosty or something, they just don't look right. And the Jordana eyeshadow is a lovely colour but it's REALLY powdery and goes everywhere, and it's hard to blend out. You just wipe it straight off again. Also not pictured here is the MAC Naked Paris lipstick. Glitter bomb! Now I remember why I shoved it in the back of the box in the fridge (where I keep my lipsticks) in the first place.

Not yet used:

These are the products I have not yet touched in my project, so I'll be making sure they get a guernsey during the week.


  1. Nice to see your progress :) The ELF blushes sound great. I like matte blushes, they are hard to find. As for neutral eyeshadows, if you have one good palette, I don't think you need any more.
    I also really hate frost/shimmery lipsticks!

  2. I prefer matte blushes too, Su. I don't want shiny cheeks - especially during the day!

  3. dood, you could totally sell me those in-jeopardy nyx blushes

  4. I may well take you up on that Suzanne. I'm giving them one more go but I don't think they're gonna cut it for me.

  5. The two palettes in the first pic look so nice! We're saturated with glittery holiday stuff right now and the springy shades are acting as a palate cleanser for me at the moment.

    Go, Dee, go! I'm still thinking of doing this - not sure what's holding me back - but hopefully by the time you're done, I'll be inspired enough to follow suit. Good luck. :)

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  7. Do it, Liz! I'm doing perfumes next. Sooo many neglected perfumes...