Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goodbye and... Maybe Hello?

I've had this blog for a couple of years now, and the obsession with makeup, perfume and making my skin look as smooth as a baby's butt (still trying) for several decades before that, so I think I've said and done all there is to say and do about that stuff for the moment. I've made loads of new friends from it, found some awesome blogs to read, and learned a million new things.

I'm not going to delete this blog, but I won't be updating it anymore. Instead I'm moving on to new pastures, and if you feel so inclined, I would be delighted if you would join me. It's called Year of the Tight Arse (Australian for someone who doesn't like spending money), and I do intend to chronicle my adventures with frugality - not a natural state for me, I should add. However, it's also a sort of anything-goes blog, where I can feel free to write whatever I want without worrying about whether I'm annoying people who just want to look at lipstick swatches. And for those who care about such things (me!), there will still be some makeup mentions and things like monthly empties posts, for I am obsessed with emptying things of late and that shows no sign of abating any time soon.

Thank you to everyone who followed and/or read my ramblings here. It's been lovely. :-)

And as a final treat, here's 5 blogs you should be reading if you're not already. 

Beauty Reductionista: Liz is a Canadanian (that's how you say it, right?) who created a blog to chronicle her attempts at reducing a large stash of beauty products. Has she succeeded? It's been hit and miss. Regardless, she's interesting, funny and snarky without being mean. And she posts about some beautiful, beautiful things... even if I don't know what they are.

My Perfume Diaries: Su shares my love of perfume, but goes way beyond that since she actually makes the effort to learn about them, rather than just going, "This one's nice. This one's nice too. This one's nice. This one's nice too..." like me channelling that Melanie Griffith in The Simpsons. She can speak knowledgably without sounding like a wanker (no mean feat in the perfume blogging world, let me tell you), and if you have even the slightest interest in scent she will have you spending up big after you read her hauls and reviews. Hmm, maybe I should stop reading this one...

Dempeaux: Sarah is a whizz at making her own stuff from serums to hair growth products. Annoyingly she won't open a shop and sell it so I can buy it instead of getting off my butt and making my own. I'll keep nagging though. She also has a pet sheep called Lamington, which sounds just like the kind of name my mother (a sheep farmer) would call a sheep, and even a scarf made from his wool.You can learn about being healthy, or just look at pictures of pretty clothes. And both Noodle Arms and I think she looks like Alex from Law and Order: SVU, so we're kind of fans.

The Mustard Jumper: Natalie covers everything from fashion to football. I have little interest in either of those things, but her blog is one of my all time favourites, so I'm not kidding when I say she has something for everyone. Books, blogging, empties, it's all there. She is also responsible for me falling insanely in love with The Inbetweeners, a show I'm 25 years too old for (and probably the wrong gender).

Dresses & Snacks: Amy loves food and vintage/thrift shop fashion, and blogs lovingly about both. There are dresses and there are snacks, and there is also the world's cutest sausage dog (which takes some doing, because seriously - have you ever seen a non-cute sausage dog? I don't even like dogs and they turn me to mush). Oh, and there is also this. I kind of hate her for that one.


  1. At first I was really sad that you were shutting down your blog! But then you're starting a new one, so I'll let you off the hook ;) Infact, you're already followed! It's great that you're leaving this blog up - there's so much information here that I'm sure it'll be very useful to many people.

    I completely agree with blogging about what interests you. I'm looking forward to reading your new posts Dee.

    Thankyou so much for the shoutout too! I'm so flattered! I had to google Alex from Law and Order, but that's an awesome comparison! I love Natalie's blog too - I blame so many purchases on her. Damn her good taste! I'm now following all your other recommendations too. Thanks for those.

    See you on the flip side :)

  2. Dee, you are one of the people I look up to in the blogging world. Miss Prissypants has introduced me to so many beautiful things and blinded me with so many swatches and made me get most of them! Thank you for all the effort you put into this blog :)
    I'm very excited for your new blog. Bring it on! I could learn a lot about being a proud tight arse :D

    Thanks you so much for the mention. It means a lot to me :) To be honest, most perfume bloggers intimidate me. I try my best to not sound like a snob, haha :D

  3. Yay, thanks for crossing over with me Alex - oops, I mean Sarah! ;-D

    Su, that's so lovely. And you have nothing to be intimidated about - your blog is awesome. :-)

  4. I have added your new blog to my blogroll, there is no way that I could get by without my dose of Dee!

    I am so glad you are not quitting blogging forever!


  5. Like Sarah, I was sad to see you winding this blog up (hopefully not forever) but very much looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the new one.

    I'm so touched you recommended my blog and I've absolutely had the same pleasure from reading yours over the past couple of years. I adore Sarah and her blog too, so now I'll be checking out your other recs. She totally does look like Alex!

    Ah the Inbetweeners. I'll be playing that "ba ba Americano" song and dancing like Neil in your honour :)

  6. Aww, Tegan - so glad you're sticking around. And I'd never quit forever, I can't stay away. I'm just fickle and I like to yap about different things. :-)

    Aww, Natalie... blog friend! *thumbs up*

  7. The Year of the Tight Arse you say... I'll see you there! X

  8. First I was all :(

    But then I saw you've got a new blog, so I'm more like :D

    Looking forward to reading it!

  9. Stacey, join the Tightarse Gang! Be seen with the cool kids like... uh... me.

    Michaela, definitely not leaving blogging entirely - you couldn't shut me up if you tried. ;-)

  10. Too bad that I just discovered your blog now. But definitely following your tight arse adventures!

    1. Hi Jos, thanks for coming over to my new blog! And I just realised I can reply to comments individually now, so that's a bit exciting. :-D

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