Saturday, March 3, 2012

NYX Stick Blush Swatches

I know I don't use this blog anymore (I'm over here if you're looking for me), but since all my other NYX swatches are here  and 99% of the hits on this blog are people looking for NYX swatches this is the logical place. 

I haven't done more than have a bit of a play with these so I can't really give a proper review as yet. First impressions are - highly pigmented, easy to blend, might need a powder over them to last the distance on oilier skin.

Orchid (the apparently compulsory Orgasm dupe), Tulip, Hibiscus

Orchid, Tulip, Hibiscus in outdoor light

Orchid, Tulip, Hibiscus under Tungsten light

I bought these on eBay from Joy's Cosmetics, but Aussies can also get them from Cherry Culture and Crush Cosmetics.


  1. Oh wow! These look awesome! Orchid is very pretty!

  2. Tulip looks really great. I agree with the orgasm comment, pretty much every brand has one

  3. You know, if I saw these solo I wouldn't pay a second glance, but they look so tempting lined up like that in a delicious trio.

  4. Wow they are beautiful colours, wonder how they compare to the NYC ones. Have you tried those?

    1. No, never have - they don't sell NYC here. I was thinking of putting one on my New York shopping list for when Ben goes over in April. Because I really need more blush...

  5. such beautiful shades <3 Thanks for sharing! Nice blog honey <3

  6. im using that..last longer than the usual

  7. Thanks for the follow! :) Followed you back (on all your blogs hehe).
    It's so weird - I'm pretty sure I came across this page sometime this week when I was browsing for NYX reviews and then found out it belonged to you!
    These look pretty good especially for dry/mature skin. Have you managed to try them out yet? Maybe might buy one but if BeautyJoint sells 'em though.
    Artistically Curious

    1. You're welcome, and thanks for the follow(s) back!

      I did try these out and they were really nice. However I have eleventy million blushes so I ended up getting rid of them in a blog sale. I do actually prefer NYX's regular cream blushes to these ones, they're just a bit creamier and easier to blend. :-)

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