Friday, November 6, 2009

Haulage, and by the way I smell noice!

It was an embarrassment of riches at my local post office yesterday - three packages arrived at once! I finally received my haul from Cherry Culture, and also one each from Nonpareil and Makeupgeek. Most of it's NYX stuff, and I was intending to do a swatch post, but let's be honest here: when it comes to photography, I am craptacular.

The person I share a house with (the grownup one, not the kid one) gets back from trekking around Nepal on Monday, and he has a super swishy camera and a steadier hand than me (I?), so I'll get him to do all the hard work for me. So expect piccies next week some time.

Overall, I was happy with my stuff, though thanks to the ridiculous computer-generated swatch colours on the Cherry Culture site, a couple of the lipsticks were really whacky (for me). One in particular (Medusa) is a very dark, gothy wine colour. With my thinny-thin lips there is no way in hell I could get away with that. I might send it to my friend Millie, she can probably carry that off.

In other news, I received some fragrances today - three Demeter samples from The Perfumed Court - Laundromat, Gingerbread, and Waffle. They all smell pretty much like you'd expect, except that the Gingerbread, while pleasant, is not so much gingery as syrupy. In fact, Makeup BFF J and I thought it was Waffle at first, because of the distinct maple syrup aroma. You can eventually pick up the ginger, though. And some cinnamon as well. Nice, but nothing spectacular. Laundromat smells like clean sheets. I kind of like it, though I'd probably prefer it as a room spray than a fragrance.

I also received 14 samples ( I ordered 13 and she added a free one - squee!) from Wiggle Perfume. J and Noodle Arms and I sniffed at a few of them briefly and sloshed them on our wrists a bit, and they seemed nice, but we were a bit done over by the Demeter ones by then, and not really picking up scents properly. A few hours (and a wash) later, I tried one out properly - Little 5.

LET ME TELL YOU, INTERNETS. I have been sitting here compulsively sniffing my wrists about every 30 seconds. This perfume is GORGEOUS. The first thing I picked up was roses, and generally speaking, I dislike floral fragrances. I find them too cloying and sickly sweet (I hate Chanel No. 5). I thought I could smell musk as well, and I checked the website spiel to make sure I was right (I love perfume, but know very little about it - I can't always pick correct notes, I just know it's something familiar and pretty).

The combination of rose and musk would usually have me running for a sick bucket, but this is a really deep, sexy fragrance. If I were slinking about in a nice frock with my boy entrancers on and my hair all hot-rollered and clutching a cocktail (me, not the hot-rollered hair), this is the fragrance I would be wearing.

I am going to test all the other out over the next couple of weeks so I can get a proper feel for them and decide which ones I want to buy in full sizes. I shall be reporting on all of these, so stay tuned!

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