Saturday, November 7, 2009

Review of some Wiggle perfumes.

Although I've struck a couple I really didn't like - for reasons I shall explain in a minute - overall, I'm really impressed with these perfume oils. They have a great kick to them, they last, and some of them smell utterly divine. I can only stress again, in the words of Molly Meldrum - do yourself a favour, get some samples and start playing.

Du Bois is a floral/musk, but more of a day time scent, whereas Little 5, which I raved about in my last post, is definitely a night time scent. Du Bois is for Spring, when the floral dresses and kitten heel shoes and soft twinsets come out. Very pretty, and sexy without being trampy. I will definitely buy more of this one.

The first thing I thought of when I smelled Persephone was fly spray. That sounds like a criticism, but it isn't. I really like it, but I did get a distinct whiff of citronella. Noodle Arms thought it smelled like orange and lemons. Are citronella and citrus related? I didn 't think so, but I know nowt about that sort of thing. We're heading into a stinking Aussie Summer, so if there really is citronella in this one, it would be great for keeping the mossies away!

Pumpkin Amber and Noemi. Years ago I used to work with an awful woman who would talk constantly about her sex life with her husband - whom she referred to as Gorgeous Boy. They reminded me a lot of this:

She also poisoned neighbourhood cats with asprin-laced bowls of milk, and thought it was funny. Horrid, horrid person. The other thing I couldn't stand about her (as if her animal cruelty and creepy sex life weren't enough) was that she reeked of one of those old lady perfumes. I never could put my finger on what it was, but it's quite a common fragrance - it smells the same as Vaseline Intensive Care Hand and Nail Lotion.

Unfortunately, both Pumpkin Amber and Noemi have this note somewhere in the background, and I just can't get past it. It's a shame, because the spice notes in Pumpkin Amber in particular are lovely. Makeup BFF and Noodle Arms couldn't stand that floral note either. I wonder what it is?

I should stress that perfume is such a personal thing - I hate ocean scents and light, airy floral scents, but they're hugely popular, so obviously a lot of people like them. A review of a fragrance is always going to be subjective. I think it's great that you can get samples from this site for that very reason. Then I know when I am coughing up for the full sizes, I'm getting the ones I really love.

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