Sunday, November 15, 2009


Adelaide is experiencing a heatwave at the moment, and I am OVER IT. I can't stand wearing make up when it's super hot - everything just slides right off me. All I can manage is a slap of sunscreen (and just to make my week even better, that's made me break out) and some mascara.

I'm worried because I have two packages coming - one from Coastal Scents that includes two of their Camo Quads, and one from Cherry Culture that has a couple of NYX lippies. If they sit in the letterbox all day while I'm at work I will come home to find a waxy coloured puddle.

I also have a ton of perfume samples I'm itching to play with - the Wiggle ones, and a dozen from The Perfumed Court - but I just can't appreciate fragrance in this weather. Everything just smells hot and sticky.

Stupid hot weather. Go away!

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