Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miller Harris Vetiver Bourbon

After a couple of days of relief from the Stinking Adelaide Heat, I decided to test one of the squabillion fragrance samples I have at the moment. I started with Miller Harris Vetiver Bourbon. My initial thought was that it smelled like a men's fragrance. My second thought was that it was kind of "eh", and it didn't have much staying power. I was a bit surprised about that, because my absolute favourite perfume - Miller Harris Fleur Oriental - is a kick-in-the-arse fragrance that would knock over anyone within two feet of me when I'm wearing it. And it lasts and lasts and lasts. Makeup BFF J reckoned she could smell apples, and I could kind of get where that was coming from. To me it mostly smelled a bit Not Quite Right, and I wondered if it had been damaged from sitting in my letterbox for hours on a hot day. But after reading up on it, it would seem that NQR note is deliberate.

All in all, I was unimpressed. And then I looked it up on the internets and discovered that I am an idiot, because it is a men's fragrance. D'oh.

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