Saturday, February 6, 2010

February is for pinks and purples.

In an effort to "shop my stash", I've been thinking about doing some kind of monthly theme for my makeup. There are lots of lovely neglected things in my bathroom that need a day out. I decided to go with a colour theme, and since I've been wearing a lot of pinks and purples lately, I'm sticking with that for the rest of February.


As you can see, I have no shortage of options, and there are loads more pinks and purples in various lip and eye palettes I have.

I'm still deciding what to do next month. I should probably give one of the 88 palettes an airing, since I haven't used them much, but I'm not overly impressed with them either. I'm keen to drag out my greens - I have a lot of those, and green is my favourite colour, so that's top of the list at the moment. Oh well, I have another couple of weeks to think about it, so no hurry.

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