Saturday, February 6, 2010


While Richard Avedon had his camera out, I had him take some pics of my little perfume collections from recent purchases. I haven't bothered with all of my regular commercial perfumes, just the oils and whatnot from the discoveries I've made online over the last year.

This is my teeny tiny collection of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Hell's Belle, Black Phoenix, Snake Oil and Jazz Funeral were part of a Christmas present, and Thirteen, Soothing Systems, Diary Of A Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal and Detestable Putrescence were the ones I bought from the lovely Livejournal girl I mentioned in the earlier post. She also sent me some freebie samples of other BPALs, including one particularly gorgeous one called Love's Philosophy, a blend of vanilla, cream and saffron. Unfortunately it's no longer made and by all accounts rather difficult to find. I did happen across a bottle on eBay the other day, but I STUCK TO MY GUNS and did not bid (admittedly, I seriously considered it), because I decided to refine my NY resolution to a month-by-month thing and my first goal was no online purchases in the month of February. I really, really wanted to make an exception to bid for it, but if I did that, there would be something else and something else and something else and it would never end. So I REMAINED STRONG. I'm sure I'll be able to hunt down a bottle eventually. I hope...

These are my Wiggle Perfumes. Aren't they gorgeous? They are roll ons, and they're perfect for carrying around in one's bag. They come in bigger sizes, but I only bought the small ones because I like having lots and lots of smaller bottles of different fragrances rather than just a few big ones of the same thing all the time.

And these are the roll on perfumes from The Garden Bath that arrived this week. These are the only full size ones I have so far, but I have a list of more I intend to buy when funds permit, because I really like this lady's fragrances. I also intend to get some full size body scrubs from there as well, because I bought some samples a while back and loved them.

And these are my samples and smaller decants from various places, and Imps from BPAL. I'm slowly working my way through testing all of these and compiling wish lists for full size bottles. Hard work!

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