Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oooh, mail!

* I received two packages of perfume samples today - decants of some Limited Editions from a girl on the BPAL forum, and a bunch of samples from Possets. Noodles and I sat down and sniffed every one of them (25!) and now we're both a bit headachy, but we loved nearly all of them.

* The castor oil seems to be doing something already, after just a few days. I've noticed little fuzzy regrowth under my eyebrows. I think I might try some on my hair!

* I got my Bumpits this week, and what a piece of crap they are. I don't care - as I mentioned in my previous post about them, I really just wanted to buy something cheap from eBay, and I didn't care what it was. But they're advertising these on TV for $50 plus postage, and if I paid that much for these piddling little pieces of plastic, I'd be really dirty.

* Speaking of eBay, I saw an 88 palette listed as MAC the other day, and it sold for $152AUD! I paid less than $20US for mine on Coastal Scents, and Makeup BFF J paid about $20AUD including postage for hers on eBay. On the one hand, I feel bad for the person who paid that much for what is really a piece of junk (and ceertainly not MAC). On the other hand, the person has internet access, so they really should have Googled around before coughing up that much. Fraudsters do well because there is always some sucker willing to play into their hands.

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