Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Alpha-H Liquid Gold

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I was flicking around Foxtel and happened across two very excited women waxing lyrical about the miracle properties of Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I was pretty saturated with skincare products at that time, and was about to flick past to see if I could find something involving diets or toddlers in makeup and hair extensions or Trinny and Susannah yelling at some middle-aged frump about her ill-fitting bra when suddenly the magic words were mentioned - anti-ageing. And that was enough to hook me in. After about ten minutes of effusive praise and over-the-top promises, I started checking out reviews online, and found that this is almost universally raved about. The informercial was flogging a two-for-one Christmas special, so I thought what the heck. There are many more frivolous things I've thrown away $50 on in my time.

Now, I actually gave this a bad rap on a review website a couple of weeks ago, because besides being a bit on the stinky side (kind of antiseptic-ish), it didn't seem to be me to be anything more than a bog-standard - and therefore fairly pointless - toner. However, I think I have to eat my words, because a week or so later when I was examining myself in the mirror (as one does), I actually did notice some improvements in my skin since I've been using it. The redness in my cheeks has definitely toned down, and the sun spots on my forehead (I have a MASSIVE forehead and short of walking around with a hat on all day and getting hat-hair, I have no way of avoiding it copping at least a bit of sun each day) have lightened.

It's not a miracle product, but let's face it - nothing really is. I paid $50 for two bottles of this, and I probably wouldn't pay the usual price of $50 for one. I don't think it's worth that price, but when those two-for-one specials come up, it's definitely worth shelling out for.

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