Monday, March 22, 2010

The surprising appearance of ELF!

Back in November, I went in on a group ELF order with my friends Steggers and Makeup BFF J. They don't deliver outside the US, so Steggers had it sent to her friend in Los Angeles, to then be forwarded to us.

Well. What a drama! It took ages to get to Steggers' friend, and then it turned out that if she just slapped a different address on it and posted it on, it would cost us a squabillion dollars in postage (it was very heavy - Steggers went a bit crazy buying things), so the poor girl had to then mess about at the post office trying to get an international flat pack box that would fit everything, and by that time it was heading to Christmas, so you can imagine the queues in the PO. Ugh. But she got it sorted and sent it on, and then... nothing.

We waited and waited, and eventually decided that it had been lost somehow by either Australia Post or customs. Then a couple of weeks ago Steggers' friend contacted her and told her that the parcel had been sent back to her! And it looked as though it had never left the States. Where on earth had it been floating around all that time? She re-sent everything and we received it late last week, with only a set of brushes missing. We were pretty chuffed by that, because we thought we'd lost the whole lot.

And the lesson for today is: never ask someone from another country to send you something you can't get shipped directly to you because it turns out that is way too much to ask of anyone. That's what parcel services are for.

On the bright side, I now have shiny new things to play with, and I was surprised by how happy I was with it all - I wasn't expecting much for $1-$3US each per item!


  1. Yay...for elf, makeup and everything! I still want that Urban Decay Ammo Palette.

  2. My friend is never going to allow it again! Poor thing. Oh well, she graciously accepted the NKOTB cd for her troubles!! hehe

    I am so happy with my purchases!! And yes, I went overboard, but it was allll sooooo pretty!!!!

  3. Lordy, there's some kind of Weird that happens in post offices in America...