Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: The Morbid The Merrier perfume oils

I've been meaning to write this review for AGES, and it's way past time. I've had loads of playing time with my perfume oils from The Morbid The Merrier, and I've passed a few of them on to share the love. I don't have massive notes about them - there are quite a few, so I've just jotted down impressions as I go - though you know I have a tendency to get rambly so this could go on a while!

Now, I've spoken before about how much I like their packaging, the way everything is wrapped up like a little Christmas cracker. The attention to detail is one of the most appealing things about this e-tailer. That's what I love about Etsy - those little personal touches make all the difference. But on to the perfumes... 

 NATALI: Well, I don't know how many of you know what a Terry's Choc Orange is, but that's exactly what this smells like at first! On the drydown a bit of floral creeps in to tamp down some of the rich foodiness. In the end it reminded me a lot of Molinard Fleur de Chocolat, which I love. I would buy a full bottle of this, and I would also like to try the lip balm in this scent, as I believe it's quite popular.

KUKU/BLACK JACK: These were the two that didn't agree with me - on me they smelled like lemon laundry detergent (Black Jack is the blokey version of Kuku, I believe). I would spray this on my sheets, but it didn't really work on my skin. Having said that, I do have a bit of an association with lemon and cleaning products, so it's probably just me (my BFF can't do vanilla because it reminds her of her husband's favourite vanilla toilet spray).

DELINA: I always mistake lotus for rose, which I did here until I looked up the notes. The first hit is a big, gorgeous floral, then the amber comes out a little later. Most of the perfume oils from TMTM have good staying power, but this one lasted FOREVER. I put it on at night a couple of hours before bed and I could still smell it on my wrist when I got up the next day. I couldn't smell any merlot in it, but that may have just added to the overall depth of it. This one is definitely on my full bottle list when my No Buy is over.

LAVINIA: Tea and floral. Very delicate - almost too delicate on me. It was quite faint and disappeared quickly. It's very pretty, but not a stayer.

FUNHOUSE: This took me back to the late 90s when I used to buy Fairy Floss perfume oil from Klein's Perfumery. It's a very sweet lolly scent on me - the notes are actually sunflower and berries, but I didn't get anything either floral or fruity (glad about that - I hate fruity). There is also a really weird - but good - note in there I couldn't quite put my finger on, maybe it was the pepper. I can't do this justice by describing it, but I would just like to say I LOVE it. Another future full bottle for sure.

GYPSY: The very first note on me is almond - that kind of marzipan scent that hits you when you open BPAL's Black Phoenix. That disappears quickly and leaves a pretty, girly floral. I really like it, but I have a lot of other similar scents.

AURORA: Oh man, this is good. Chocolate and coconut, but not at all sweet. Imagine a Coconut Rough made with dark chocolate instead of milk. Mmmm... This would smell divine on a man.

MAXIMO: I bought this in a solid perfume, purely because I hadn't used solid perfumes in years and I wanted to try a couple. This one is a masculine chocolate scent, with a bit of pepper spicing it up. Again, I'd love to smell this on a man. Someone loan me one for sniffing purposes, please.

DESSERT ABSINTHE: Again, I bought this as a solid perfume - it smells like a biscuit (cookie) with aniseed and maybe some lemon in it. Gorgeous, but didn't work on me at all. However, my Makeup BFF J loved it so I gave it to her.

Overall, I was impressed with how many I liked - I seem to have really good odds with Etsy fragrances (or maybe I'm just good at picking what I know I will like). This is one of my favourite Etsy stores, and I would highly recommend it. As for me, I'm going to try Cocoa d'Absinthe next!


  1. Great reviews! I've looked at this store a few times but I might have to just order some samples next time :)

  2. Oh wow, they all sound so so good! I will have to order Natali, as I love Moinard Fleur De Chocolat :)

  3. Stef, I can't swear to it because I have a memory like a sieve, but I might have included one or two of them in the package I sent to you on Friday. :-)

  4. Su, I included Natali in the little box I sent you Friday! I thought you'd like it. :-)

  5. am I getting a package??? lol

    Seriously though I have Natali in a lip balm and it's awesome.

    I can't use livejournal id to post at the moment it is SO ANNOYING.

  6. Aww thanks Dee, can't wait to try!