Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Mrs TattooedGeek Soy Candles

One of the things I could never do when The Photographer lived with us was burn scented candles - he always complained that scented things gave him a headache (!). Now that he has his own pad up the road a bit, I have splurged on scented candles and have been burning them like a fiend. Some of the yummiest ones I've tried are from Mrs TattooedGeek on Etsy.

In the picture above is my personal favourite, Red Velvet Cup Cake. This has the best throw of the three I've tried so far, filling the room with a gorgeously warm, rich chocolate aroma. It smells good enough to eat (note: don't eat it). I will definitely be buying more of this one.
This is Noodle Arms' favourite - Black Orchid. It has a lovely deep white floral scent, like a tropical garden after the rain.
I love the scent of the Melted Vanilla Ice Scream candle - it really does smell like a rich vanilla ice cream. It doesn't have a huge throw, but after you blow it out it leaves behind a delicious hint of warm vanilla for ages.
This is the only one I have that I haven't used, and I don't think I will. I bought the Zombie Love candle at Noodles' insistence, and it's so cute I can't bear to light it and ruin the look. It smells like graveyard flowers and damp earth.

Overall, I really like these candles - the throw of them varies quite dramatically, but I live in a small house with small rooms, so that's not such a big deal for me, and I like the fact that they're different from the every day vanilla/berry/honey candles you buy in some bog standard and vastly overpriced shop like Dusk. I'd buy them again, and I'm keen to try a few others such as Chocolate Cupcake, White Russian, and Man Eater.
Speaking of White Russian, the last time I ordered Kerry sent me a couple of freebies - a full size roll on perfume in Bubble Gum, and a lip balm in White Russian. The Bubble Gum perfume is SUPER bubble-gummy, much too sweet for me, but Noodles and her BFF - who was staying over the day I received it - lunged on it and slathered it all over themselves. The whole house smelled of Hubba Bubba all night! The White Russian lip balm, however, was all mine - the coffee/vanilla/chocolate-ish scent is so yummy, and the texture is one of those soft kind of lip balms that's great for night time before you go to bed. I keep it on the kitchen dresser and use it pretty much every time I walk past it. Sometimes I just stop and have a sniff of it, because it's that good.


  1. OMG I love the zombie one and even I am wanting the vanilla ice cream candle... can you buy candles on P10P or a no buy?

  2. Great review! I love the sound of the lip balm coffee/vanilla/chocolate is like a dream come true

  3. Jacquie, It's not makeup, dude - it doesn't count as spending! Wait till you smell mine though and see what you think. You can sniff them next week when we're GETTING OUR HAIR DONE.

    Stef, the White Russian lip balm smells divine. I'm definitely getting the candle in that scent - I love the smell of coffee!

  4. Just found your blog today, you have been reviewing such nice things my wishlist is just going up and up.
    I love scented candles and tarts too xx

  5. Hi nicoletta - thanks for reading my blog!

    Every time I discover a new blog I get a little bit poorer. :-)