Friday, December 24, 2010

Rambling about plans for 2011

Every year I make New Year Resolutions, but as I've mentioned before, I'm a Gemini (and in Chinese astrology, a monkey - so I have a double dose of mercurial flightiness) and I don't have a lot of follow-through. I'm also wantonly self-indulgent and I don't like to deny myself anything. Therefore, my NYE resolutions usually last about three days. Last year's was to not buy anything I didn't need - that went well. :-/

Nonetheless, I shall persevere and make more resolutions for 2011, and maybe this will be the year I actually stick to them. I do feel a bit more confident than usual, because I'm starting to get into my semi-regular "de-cluttering" mode, and looking at all the stuff I have everywhere. I want to downsize considerably on stuff. To that end, my NYE resolution is a continuation of the announcement I made at the beginning of December - to not buy anything beauty related unless it is something I legitimately need, or it's a LE product that I really, really want. That includes perfumes, by the way.

It's almost the end of December and so far I've stuck pretty well with it, as I mentioned in my previous post. Since then the only other thing I've bought is a handful of stuff from Makeup Geek. Again, this counts as Christmas gifts as I used the money my mum sent me, and aside from that, I only bought what I didn't already have. Initially I had a bunch of MAC pigments in the shopping cart and my clicky finger was hovering over the "order now" button, and then I thought,  "STEP BACK, HONKY CAT." All of the pigments bore similarities to colours I already owned - there was nothing that would have been entirely unique to my current collection. So I took them out, and I ended up just buying the following:

Palladio Rice Powder:  I don't currently have a loose powder, and in the summer here you kind of need one.

NYX powder puffs: These are to apply said rice powder.

Palladio Brow Gel: I don't have one, I've been making do with hairspray, and I could probably continue to do that, but I think it's justifiable to buy a product specifically for that purpose.

NYX blush in Taupe: I'm really into brown blushes at the moment, and I only have one other one (MAC Honor). Honor is lovely but quite shimmery and I wanted one matte one as well. I bought this one because I saw a clip of Megan from Easy Access Beauty talking about how much she liked it, and she has quite fair skin. I tend to keep away from most brown blushes and bronzers because they just look dirty on me, but if this one works for her, I'm willing to give it a go.

So there you go - four products I don't currently have and can legitimately justify purchasing. I feel absurdly pleased with myself over my "restraint".

Have you thought of any resolutions yet? Do tell!


  1. Well done at sticking to your no buy! My resolution this year will be the same as last year, to downsize and declutter my current collection. I did okay last year but I still have a long way to go, especially with my makeup.

    I'm going to do what I did last year and take photos of all my skin care products to help motivate me. I should do the same with my makeup but it'd take me forever.

  2. You are doing so well with no buy, Dee!
    My resolution is not to buy unnecessarily, too. More than the problem of adding to clutter and *stuff*, I need to save money. Sydney is going to be expensive!
    Never heard of Palladio, off to google now.

  3. I am currently working on my 2011 resolutions post... I'm hoping to stop splurging so much, but it's doubtful lol

  4. De-cluttering is on my list too. Along with saving (as much as I can while going back to school and working 1 day a week), continuing to get fitter and a healthier and garden as much as I can.

  5. Going on a no-buy/low-buy is hard D: Props if you can manage to stick to it, I never can for more than a month or so. My beauty resolutions are to get rid of all the glosses I don't wear, and reorganize my makeup stash. I'm going to be forced into a low-buy since I'm moving out next month, boo!

  6. Mine will be the same as every other year - eat better, do a little more exercise, stop buying stuff I dont actually need (or even want in some cases!) spent more time reading decent books instead of trash, learn to drive etc etc... havent completely my list but it'll probably fill an a4 page :)

    Looking forward to seeing how your spending ban (if thats what your calling it?) goes this year - sounds like you're doing well so far!