Saturday, December 4, 2010

Review and Swatches: Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner


I could have sworn I had done a review of the Benefit Creaseless Cream eyeshadows before, but I must have dreamed it (though I do bang on about them a lot in passing, so you've probably gathered that I like them quite a bit).

In Australia, these cost about $34AUD, which is a bit ridonkulous, but they're almost always available on Strawberrynet for $17 or so, and you can pick them up sometimes on ACW pretty cheaply as well (though they sting you on shipping so watch for that).

Technically they are both a cream eyeshadow and a liner, though I've never used them as an eyeliner. They are smooth and easy to apply, and they set quite quickly and last really well. They live up to their claim of being "creaseless cream" almost all the time, though I have found a bit of creasing at the end of the day in really hot weather. However, I would expect that of pretty much any makeup when the hot weather hits in Adelaide - most of it just melts right off my face, so for me the Creaseless Creams do a damn good job of hanging in there for dear life.  I have the following colours:

Strut - smoky, vaguely blue-ish grey - mostly matte with just a wee bit of shimmer

Flatter Me - shimmery neutral light brown (my favourite, it's kind of like a cream version of Urban Decay Toasted)

Get Figgy - frosty pink/mauve

RSVP - shimmery champagne pink

Tattle Tale - frosty cream with a slight yellow tone

Pre Nup - shimmery peach/apricot

Honey Bunny - matte beige

I love these for work, both because they're fairly neutral and also because I am almost always running late, and they're great for just swiping on quickly and still looking done. Occasionally I use them as a base under powder eyeshadows - they are similar to MAC paint pots in that respect. Mostly though, I just use them on their own because they look fab and they're the perfect product for the bone idle - ie: ME.




  1. And I want every single one of them. Pre Nup is my favorite though.

    Hello btw. I'm new to your blog but I love it already! Great swatches and reviews.

  2. RSVP and Honey Bunny look gorgeous!

  3. I'm a bit scared of cream shadows,but I trust your judgement so mighthead to Benefit and give them a go:)

  4. You know I am a big fan of these too Miss Dee... and I also adore Flatter Me:) I'd love to get my hands on skinny jeans but not willing to pay the AUD price. I am also eyeing off your pre nup as well.

  5. Claire, hello and welcome! And thank you - I'm glad you enjoy reading. :-)

    Jessica, RSVP is one of my most-used, it's lovely. I tend to use Honey Bunny more under powders though, because it doesn't really show up much on my eyelids.

    emmabovary, what scares you about cream shadows?

    Jacquie, I want Skinny Jeans too but I'm not paying $34 for it. I always keep a vague eye for it on Snet.

  6. I love these, and almost bought a few when I was in the States recently. Get Figgy and Flatter Me look gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches!

  7. Sarah, they're fantastic. Get on to it!

  8. I like all of the colours you have shown but get figgy is my fave

  9. Oooh I think I want rsvp *eeep* :)

  10. They look so pretty Dee, thank you so much for the swatches! I'm gonna stalk Strawberrynet in case they make any Christmas offers on them! :D


  11. Happy 1234, Get Figgy is my newest acquisition and I am loving it. It's so pretty. :-)

    Jade - RSVP is a staple that everyone should have, in my opinion. You can't have too many champagne eyeshadows!

    Stavroula, definitely keep an eye on Snet - they come up on sale there pretty regularly.

  12. I always thought 'get figgy' was pretty. Now I want it!

  13. Great swatches! I love Get Figgy I think I need RSVP in my life :)

  14. Oh - shimmery goodness on display there! Am envious - still haven't got my mitts on any to try them out......until I spy one for discounted price I'm teling myself to 'make do' with the horde of other products I've yet to use up - eek (it's a lot)...

  15. Get Figgy looks just like MAC Artifact Paintpot! I believe the paint pots are cheaper so that might be a good dupe.

    So jealous of your collection!

  16. I bought RSVP from StrawberryNet on Saturday night - shopping under the influence is dangerous! Glad I made the right choice, although I want more now. Next on the list - Flatter Me and Strut.

  17. Have you received it yet, Hannah? How are you liking it?

  18. I find that my creaseless cream shadow creases on me after about 4 hours, even when i'm wearing a primer. Have you had any experience with them creasing? I'm curious!

    1. Hi Lindsay. I haven't had any creasing problems with these, and I have oily eyelids that make almost everything else crease, even with a primer.