Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Silk Naturals Swatches

As promised in my Silk Naturals haul post, here are the swatches of the makeup I received. (I don't know what that dent is in Noodles' arm - she appears to have been leaning on something.) The samples of brow powder and the two freebie samples of eyeshadow came in bags and I just put them into plastic pots for ease. The eyeshadows are swatched over Detrivore primer, and the blushes and brow powders on bare skin.

Earlier, I described 42 as looking like some kind of light brown/taupe colour, but as you can see, it's not at all like that. It's a peachy pink with gold shimmer, and reminded me immediately of Pure Luxe Rose Gold. For those interested in such things, Pure Luxe is one of the companies often accused of repackaging without admitting it - I don't know whether Silk Naturals does this. When I can get Noodle Arms to loan me her skin for swatching again I'll dig out Rose Gold and do a comparison (edit - they're not the same, this one is more pink than Rose Gold). Either way, it's a very pretty colour so I'm happy with that - so often when freebies are sent out it's something I would never wear. It's not as orange in real life as it looks in the picture - there is a lot more pink to it, but I couldn't get it to come out in a photo. Grr!


Okay, the swatches of these are backwards. From left: Petal and Lady blushes, Medium Ash and Light Brunette brow powders. The Petal blush is sheer, but not as sheer as it shows in this picture. It's a really hard shade to get a photo of. Supposedly these blushes are dupes - Petal for Benefit Dandelion and Lady for MAC Dame - but I don't own either of those so I can't say whether that is true. They are pretty, though.

Things to know:
  • eyeshadows seem to vary slightly in price (no idea why), around $4-4.50US, and they don't sell eyeshadow samples - they explain why on their site
  • brow powders are $0.50 for samples, $3.50 for full size
  • blushes are $1.25 for samples, $6.50 for full size (10g), and they also have a few cream blushes for $4.50 but they don't seem to do samples of those either